14 Tough Calls Filipino Commuters Make Everyday

                                            <b>Would you rather ride the MRT during rush hour, or <i>literally</i> die?</b>                                                         

1. Go to the gym?

Or enjoy the free sauna, courtesy of the jam-packed train?

2. Finish an entire episode of your favorite late night teleserye?

ABS-CBN / Via youtube.com

Or sleep early so you have time to prepare for the commute?

3. Save up for something actually delightful?

Or give it all up for a cab ride?

Bloody hell cab fare

— TrickyAlvin (@Alvin)

4. Dress up nicely for a very important meeting?

Or don’t even bother because the commute will ruin it anyway? Dyahe.

Gusto mo maging black sapatos mo? Gayahin mo ko. Lusong ka sa baha 😂 @LPU

— MRYRSGRT (@Maryendaaa)

5. Take a little time chilling at home?

Just stay at home :[

— iamlilaaa (@Ny. Lee)

Or deal with long queues hanggang sa matubuan ka na ng ugat?

Despite fare hike, commuters still queue for MRT, LRT rides http://t.co/05aTM6GmMH

— gmanews (@GMA News)

6. Take the bus?

Pila ng bus sa Tagbak Terminal sa desperas ng New Year #NewYear #Iloilo http://t.co/iEzMH0bToO via Instagram

— ILOILOTracker (@#ILOILO Tracker)

Or the train?

Ung Feeling Malalate Kana Sa School Pero Nakapila ka parin Sa MRT kahit Mahaba ang Pila XD

— IamYoursJherr (@Jâ–²)

7. Dedicate a prayer to seeing your office crush today?

Fox Searchlight / Via giphy.com

Or that you get to see your office AT ALL?

Good morning, Edsa!

— jerwinsm (@Jerwin Marzan)

8. Make tambay for five hours at SM North Edsa?

Jgh @smnorthedsa 😍 #PraybeytBenjamin2 😍😍

— kristineee31 (@Kristine)

9. Or spend those five hours stuck in traffic at EDSA?

10. Save your bandwidth for some OPM on Spotify?

Or open Waze instead?

11. Make friends via selfie with other commuters?

@VictoryLinerInc Tunay na Joy ride! Enjoy ka na sa pag sakay, mayroon pang pamigay…Victory Liner Iba ka talaga!

— d21agent (@Angelo Gamboa)

Or is it every Filipino for her/himself?

#strugglesofbeingfilipinoeto siksikan sa bus ano sinong sasakay maluwag pa HIYANG-HIYA NMAN AKO SAYO NOH -Mr. Assimo

— ceejhaydiazko (@Cee JhayDiaz)

12. Pick up a refreshing drink for the long ride?

Ang katakam-takam na softdrinks sa plastic. Bow. #childhoodmemories #ItsMoreFunInThePhillipines

— iamsuperpaopao (@Pauline S.)

Or worry about holding it in for hours on the commute?

13. Save your appetite for a real meal at home?

Lutong bahay the best ðŸ‘

— babejel (@Angelica ✨)

Or buy fish crackers and espasol from the manong bus vendor?

Wag na kayo magpaakyat ng mga tindero sa bus. (1/8 lang yan ng pagkain namin kanina) @martinstacruz @aj_mauhay

— jdlumali (@Janille)

14. Actually get off at your bus stop?

@mabeaajose @ajmiranda_ 364 lang pala, Victory Liner yan hahahaha

— AlecBerame (@Alec Berame ✈ï¸)

Or stay onboard and finish a scene from yet another teleserye?

Yung kasabay mo sa bus na pinalipat yung TV sa ABS-CBN dahil sa Got to Believe.. :)) #G2BLast3days

— hoyohoyhoybelat (@Joshua Bren Ebrada)

15. Appreciate the beautiful Manila sunset outside the bus window?

Or just pass out and cuddle with your seatmates?

Sarap ng tulog namin nila @mikeesz at @TheAllenReal sa bus habang bumabyahe sa Baliwag!:))

— JoshRabanal (@JOSHUA RABANAL)

Whatever choices you make, ultimately, you’ll just be like, “Jesus take the wheel na nga.”


Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/isabellelaureta/papa-jesus-take-the-wheel-na-po

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