This Pool Cost $2 Million. You’ll Never Believe The Surprises It’s Hiding.

We promise that you’ve never seen a “pool” like this (if you can even call this a pool). It’s WAY closer to a water park than the dinky hole in the ground at your house. With an eye-popping $2 million price tag…well, it had better be better than a normal pool.

This is the kind of house addition that could make anyone jealous. 

Found in Utah, the pool is designed to look more like a natural lake than a pool.

It’s complete with several waterfalls, all which you can jump off of.

If you dare to climb up that high!

A myriad of tunnels can take you to all kinds of hidden places.

Including a twisty water slide that rivals most water parks.


The depth of the pool is 23 feet so no worries about cannonballs.

Throughout the interior, you’ll find places to nestle.

And tons of hidden waterfalls.

There’s also a spectacular viewing area behind the main waterfall.

That links to a full kitchen along with top end appliances.

Of course, you’ll also find high end bathrooms and showers.

But more importantly, you’ll also find A LAZY RIVER!

And even the most insane scuba diving course found in Middle America!


All controlled by a sophisticated set of pipes and pumps that require a fair bit of techie know-how.

Check out the full video!


So, you ready to head to Home Depot and build your own? There’s no way the average person could have a pool like this, it costs way more than most people’s houses. It’s nice to dream, though.

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