Top 5 Local Coffee Shops in Denver

            Coffee shops in Denver are like mushrooms, they seem to be every corner of every street, which is not a bad thing considering that this generation is composed mostly of coffee lovers. Coffee is the fuel that runs the world nowadays and Denver offers few great ones. Independent coffee shops are best, they resonate with character and its owner's interpretation of what a good cup of coffee should taste like, which chain shops lack. Here are a few of those independently owned coffee shops in Denver that coffee enthusiast will surely love.

Curious Coffee and Catering (225 E. 16th St.). This wonderful coffee shop in Denver has been awarded the “Best Coffee Shop” title by 7 A-List for two consecutive years now. Their coffee is truly delicious whether it’s the specialty espresso or just the regular brew. They have curiously scrumptious pastries that match their curiously delectable beverages with a sparkle of courteous staff.

Enchanted Grounds (8800 S. Colorado Blvd.). This local shop in Denver slash gameporium proudly serves NOVO coffee which has superb flavor. Almost everything that this shop serves is brewed locally by a roasting company that is quickly gaining international attention. Their gameporium offers several selections of games, puzzles and books to keep you entertained while sipping piping hot coffee in Denver.

Carino Coffee (20971E Smoky Hill Rd.). With its Latin vibe, this coffee shop on Denver is an ideal place to hang out. They offer free Wi-Fi to their customers and very pet-friendly too. You can simply take your dose of coffee on a Saturday morning after your stroll with your beloved pet. They have patios wherein customers with pets can be accommodated and live music for everyone. And to add to their Denver charm is their fireplace, good selection of books and very comfortable seating to unwind and read the afternoon away.

Paris (101 Platte St.). This is the oldest cafe in Denver and to say its incredibly unique is an understatement. It’s a hipster coffee shop with someone that waits on you. They offer a wide selection of delicious food with vegetarian choices, the Wi-Fi plug-ins are aplenty to cater to all internet-dependent folks and their urban angst atmosphere makes you feel like a teen again.

Common Grounds (1601 17th St. & 3438 32nd Ave.). Whether you are in the Lodo or the Highland area, with their two locations, you can have a cup of their flavorful coffees and teas. They have an outstanding staff that adds to the compelling factor of this fine shop. With their free Wi-Fi and awesome book selection, this could really be the cafe of your dreams.

These independently operated cafes are only the top favorites of Denver residents. Some chain coffee shops are good too if you’re looking for that traditional coffee flavor. These establishment doesn’t fail to inspire others to something good could come out when you are innovative and resourceful.