Twitter hilariously rewrites ‘The Godfather’ in the image of Obamacare!/AdamBaldwin/status/393140694606303233
Just when we thought we were out of new Obama scandals and screw-ups, they keep pulling us back in! So some conservatives on Twitter took it upon themselves to re-imagine “The Godfather” movie with our medical overlords and their broken train wreck of a website in mind.!/VWBuff/status/393143178359873537!/rdbThr33/status/393171118531424256!/AdamBaldwin/status/393141521488162817!/tDubsCorner/status/393145651065655296!/VWBuff/status/393146789341040641!/AdamBaldwin/status/393144033234522112!/VWBuff/status/393142628276895744
One big difference: “The Godfather” was brilliantly directed. Not so much.

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