Twitter suspends account of group combating sexual assault in Egyptian protests

As Twitchy reported earlier today, Egyptians are taking steps to address the misogynistic violence in Tahrir Square and are spreading the word via social media. A group of women created a special Twitter account, @TahrirBodyguard, to help combat sexual attacks on female protesters.

The account has now been inexplicably, repeatedly suspended by Twitter, placing the lives of Egyptian women at risk.

please twitter stop suspending @tahrirbodyguard, they’re trying to provide much needed help to women on #tahrir. it is serious and urgent!

— sebastiao nascimento (@bastelik) November 27, 2012

The group has set up a back-up account, @TahrirBGBackUp:

Since Twitter keeps suspending @TahrirBodyguard for now reason, this is our back-up account. We won’t give up on protecting women in #Tahrir & its surroundings!

We don’t know why twitter keeps suspending our @tahrirbodyguard account. We’ve been working very hard so don’t need this #TahrirBodyguard

— Tahrir Guard BackUp (@TahrirBGBackUp) November 27, 2012

We won’t give up on helping women stay safe, so keep using the #TahrirBodyguard hashtag until we resolve our issues with twitter

— Tahrir Guard BackUp (@TahrirBGBackUp) November 27, 2012

We are getting your reports and forwarding them to people on the ground so keep tweeting. #TahrirBodyguard. Email [email protected]

— Tahrir Guard BackUp (@TahrirBGBackUp) November 27, 2012

Account suspended or not, we started something and we will keep fighting. #TahrirBodyguard.

— Tahrir Guard BackUp (@TahrirBGBackUp) November 27, 2012

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