XL Mesh Beach Bag for $45

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KEY FEATURES Use coupon code BEACH9 at checkout to get this product for $9 off Instead of dragging multiple beach bags and totes to the beach, you can take one extra-large bag for that. Introducing this XL Mesh Beach Bag by Red Suricata. This bag can fit 6 towels, pool equipment, beach toys and accessories, sunscreen, and drinks. It comes with carrying handles with a padded grip and a removable long shoulder strap for easy and comfortable carrying. The 7 outside pockets are enclosed with an elastic top and can hold bottles, flip flops, lotion, sunglasses, or books securely. It also has a large water-resistant inside pocket for storing your phone, Kindle, car keys, and more. 4.6/5 stars on Amazon: starf; starf; starf; starf; starf; starf; Mesh Design. For a sand-free beach bag Water-Resistant Inner Pocket. Protects your phone from getting wet Strong Drop Pockets. Can carry different things like bottles, flip flops, lotion more YKK 2-Way Zipper. Zip open shut at will Quick Air Drying. Allows air to circulate so wet towels bathing suits dry off quickly with no mildew or odor. Durable. Can last for a long time Fashionable. Can be used on the beach or the supermarket PRODUCT SPECS Specs Color: black/grey Materials: polyester, polyester mesh Size: XL Dimensions: 27″ x 16.5″ x 8″ Features Sand-free beach bag 7 large elastic outer pockets Water-resistant inner pocket Quick air-drying Durable YKK top zipper Long shoulder strap Mesh design Durable Fashionable Manufacturer’s 12-month warranty Includes XL Mesh Beach Bag (Black/Grey) Long Shoulder Strap

Source: https://stacksocial.com/sales/xl-mesh-beach-bag-tote-black-grey?aid=&utm_campaign=feed&utm_medium=RSS&utm_source=www

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