Colorado teachers respond to testing report

Legislation on the crushing volume of standardized testing in Colorado is coming.
“Making sure students achieve proficiency in subjects like math and English is critical in meeting our shared goal of providing an excellent education to our students,” Rep. Pettersen said. “It’s clear from the Stan…

How tropical subsoil microbes could slow climate change

By Madeleine Stone, University of Pennsylvania
It’s no exaggeration to say the tropics drive our planet’s carbon cycle – the constant transfer of carbon back and forth, on a global scale, between living things and the environment. Understanding the dynamics of the carbon cycle is increasingly im… #AtlanticHurricane, #AtlanticHurricaneSeason, #AtlanticOcean, #ColoradoStateUniversity, #ElNiñoSouthernOscillation, #ListsOfTropicalCycloneNames, #NationalOceanicAndAtmosphericAdministration, #NorthDenverNews, #TropicalCyclone, #UnitedStates

Steamboat Springs wants a standardized testing waiver

While Sheridan leaders are celebrating, officials in Sterling are concerned they don’t have enough alternative options for students who leave school. The district’s dropout rate increased last year.


Crowded …

Timing for spay and neuter depends on the individual pet and owner

For most pet owners in the United States, spaying and neutering dogs and cats is an important way to benefit animals, their households and society.
For female pets, spaying provides important health benefits, while castrating male pets can help reduce their anxiety and aggression. For pet…

New Saudi king is expected to have little impact on oil prices

The new head of the House of Saud was just three years old when his family fortune was made.
It happened back in March of 1938, when a well was drilled near the village of Dammam on the hunch of a geologist from the California Arabian Standard Oil Company. It took three years before they finally… #AbdullahOfSaudiArabia, #ArabPeaceInitiative, #BarackObama, #IslamicState, #Islamism, #KingOfSaudiArabia, #MiddleEast, #SaudiArabia, #UnitedStates, #Yemen

Why medical debt – and bankruptcy – are growing problems

By Daniel A Austin, Northeastern University
Burdensomely high medical costs are often blamed for pushing many Americans into bankruptcy. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau some 43 million Americans have unpaid medical debt on their credit reports.
Medical debt isn’t like o… #Australia, #Bankruptcy, #CreditCard, #CreditHistory, #Creditor, #Debt, #Debtor, #DebtorInPossession, #Economics, #Finance

The Only Thing Some Democrats Like About The Benghazi Select Committee: Trey Gowdy

“I would look at Mr. Gowdy as the one honest broker in this whole circus.”
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Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
WASHINGTON — Democrats have harshly criticized the Benghazi select committee, calling it a political sideshow and questioning Republican motives behind the…

New Possibly Inhabitable Planet Discovered

It’s kind of a big deal. Here’s why.
1. Astronomers have discovered the first Earth-sized planet in the “habitable zone,” or the distance from a star that a water can pool on the planet’s surface.

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Nasa Nasa / Reuters / Reuters
While other Earth-like planets have been found, the… #Kepler, #Planet, #Planets, #Space

/k/ modifies shotgun shells

Shotgun shells that can create zombies. Brilliant.
Several decades after Hurston’s work, Wade Davis, a Harvard ethnobotanist, presented a pharmacological case for zombies in a 1983 paper in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology,[12] and later in two popular books, The Serpent and the Rain…

People Are Calling This ‘The Best Anti-Bullying Ad Ever’. After Watching, I Might Have To Agree.

The idea of the campaign is to raise awareness about bullying, speaking directly to those “cool” kids who watch the channel. In order to reach them, we knew we had to do something really original that corresponded to the personality and idiosyncrasy of the brand and, more…