Caffeinated Men’s Eye Cream for $39

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KEY FEATURES Lack of sleep and screens creates a strain on your eyes, making your blood vessels enlarge and create dark circles. This Caffeinated Men’s Eye Cream by Billie Secret contains caffeine and hyaluronic acid to fight aging signs. The caffeine circulates the blood around the eyes, contracting the blood vessels and reducing the dark circles. At the same time, the hyaluronic acid absorbs fluids to help with wrinkles and puffiness. Reclaim your sharp, dashing look. Caffeine circulates the blood around the eyes to help reduce dark circles Hyaluronic acid absorbs fluids to help with wrinkles puffiness Made for men by men Note: Customers must be 18 years old+ to purchase Testimonials “After a little over two months, the skin under my eyes is a much closer match to the rest of my face. Needs to be used regularly!!” – Amnon K. “This has been the best product that I have found for taking care of the bags and dark circles under my eyes.” – Micah Z. “People complimented me that they thought me teeth were whiter, not realizing it was my eyes that looked different” – Dan Bilzovsky PRODUCT SPECS Specs Color: black package with white cream Ingredients: caffeine, hyaluronic acid, shea butter Size: 2oz Anti-aging Good results with regular use Manufacturer’s 30-day warranty Includes Caffeinated Men’s Eye Cream (2oz)

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