Marcotte: US is ‘shameful’ because St. Louis single moms are buying guns!/AmandaMarcotte/status/499564300189462528
It’s a day ending in “-day,” so Twitchy’s favorite super-feminist is outraged.

This time she is furious at the eeeevil single moms and other St. Louis residents who are buying guns in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Mo., riots:

Sales have quadrupled at ‘Metro Shooting’ in Bridgeton according to owner Steven King. He says sales have mainly been to men, but not all:

“Probably a dozen or two dozen guns to females, single mothers. We’ve sold to black people, white people. We’ve sold to asians who have businesses on West Florissant.” said King. “They’re just afraid of whats going on and they’re coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm.”

King says he’s personally seen the fear in their eyes and feels the sorrow in their hearts. King says he’s not raised prices but he knows that some are raiding their savings accounts, feeling that having a gun is that important.

To recap: Single mothers, black people, Asian businessmen, and white people are buying guns to protect themselves from dangerous rioters and looters. To make matters worse, the gun retailers who are selling to these consumers are earning profits.

The shock! The horror! The SHAAAAME!

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Surprise! Sandra Fluke still whining about Hobby Lobby!/EdB4572/status/506979363397844992
It is really sad that the American experiment has devolved into people whining about having to pay for stuff with their own money.  Even worse, we now have candidates and politicians who make it their raison d’être to force one group of people to pay for another group of people’s birth control.  And they’ll use any chicanery necessary to get their way.!/MomMilkshake/status/506970734552711168
Heh. Facts are a pain in the neck.

And let’s not forget that Fluke’s math was already debunked after Sandra’s fellow birth control enthusiast Amanda Marcotte posted it. ‘Cheap my ass’: Amanda Marcotte’s birth control spending nearly exceeds the GDP of Chad!/Calle_Elefante/status/506970995455164416
That’s true. And as Oliver Willis has told us, the left doesn’t question the legitimacy of Supreme Court rulings with which they disagree.!/MikeDayHerriman/status/506983638077280256
Hobby Lobby (and everyone else) must be made to comply 100%.


‘Cheap my ass’: Amanda Marcotte’s birth control spending nearly exceeds the GDP of Chad

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