Surprise! Sandra Fluke still whining about Hobby Lobby!/EdB4572/status/506979363397844992
It is really sad that the American experiment has devolved into people whining about having to pay for stuff with their own money.  Even worse, we now have candidates and politicians who make it their raison d’être to force one group of people to pay for another group of people’s birth control.  And they’ll use any chicanery necessary to get their way.!/MomMilkshake/status/506970734552711168
Heh. Facts are a pain in the neck.

And let’s not forget that Fluke’s math was already debunked after Sandra’s fellow birth control enthusiast Amanda Marcotte posted it. ‘Cheap my ass’: Amanda Marcotte’s birth control spending nearly exceeds the GDP of Chad!/Calle_Elefante/status/506970995455164416
That’s true. And as Oliver Willis has told us, the left doesn’t question the legitimacy of Supreme Court rulings with which they disagree.!/MikeDayHerriman/status/506983638077280256
Hobby Lobby (and everyone else) must be made to comply 100%.


‘Cheap my ass’: Amanda Marcotte’s birth control spending nearly exceeds the GDP of Chad

‘Huge lie’: Oliver Willis claims libs ‘don’t question legitimacy’ of unfavorable court rulings; Memory jarred

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Irony spotters keep busy after Sandra Fluke stands against ‘wage theft’

Here’s the latest injustice Sandra Fluke is coming out against:

Wage theft? Sort of like this?

That’s certainly not what Fluke has in mind, though many thought her reminder about “wage theft” was pitiful coming from somebody “fighting” to have others’ hard-earned money used for her wants.

The inevitable solution to that problem:

Of course!


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