Recreational Areas of Denver

Denver is a beautiful state that has many beautiful places to visit. It is very well known for its hiking and walking places. It has an enormous number of paths and trails all over the area. In this article we will discuss some of the most spell binding areas of the city. City Park of Denver is one of the most worth mentioning locations, which in its beauty and conspicuousness is second to none. It has a good sized nature area with a zoo where you can find beautiful birds and animals. It also houses a marvelous museum of nature and science. The area is beautified with the gardens, lakes, fountains and monuments that make it really a good place to visit. The lakes allow the visitors the facility of paddle boating which is appreciated by many. In addition there are various paths around the lakes where the families stroll down and enjoy their evenings. A small golf club allows entertainment to the golf lovers. The whole city gives a majestic view from the tower of the museum.

Many of you must have heard the name of the Cherry Creek Tail. This is a beautiful oasis that stretches from the centre of the city to Cherry creek which is ten miles away. This is awesome place to have a rollerblade. Some people like it for biking and walking. It not only connects different areas in Denver but also is accessible from different trails. If you have comfortable shoes you can always enjoy a great walk. Denver city contains a beautiful mountain park known as Red Rocks which is famous for its Amphitheatre. This place is a nature’s great miracle, with Spectacular rock formations, valleys and a natural meadow. It has hiking trails which are obviously most exciting for adventurous people. If you have good hiking boots and you are properly equipped with the things you need for abrupt weather changes you are probably going to see the most beautiful sights. Otherwise the trip can be challenging. A long trading post loop which is one and half a mile long is also present in this mountain park.

Platte River Trail is another good adventurous place where you can go for walking or biking. This is a relatively flat path made up of concrete. At the trailhead is present one of the marvelous exhibitions of natural wildlife – The Theo Carson Nature Center. A walk at this place will provide heart rending views of mountains and wetlands. High line Canal is a long canal with large number of older canals in the neighborhood. It is an important recreational area in Denver which is administered by the Denver Water Board. This is the best place for the people who are fond of horse riding. Also you can enjoy Walking and cycling in the mud trails here. Other beautiful places that I would recommend you to visit are South Valley Park, Roxborough State Park, and Barr lake State Park. All of them provide good recreation and relaxation and are worth visiting. Now Go on and enjoy your visit in Denver.

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