‘It feels like May’: NYT reporter’s ‘genius’ climate analysis is ‘mouth gaping idiocy’

Well, there you have the latest brilliant analysis from the brightest that the New York Times has to offer on the subject of climate change. If only the Republicans could get some sense and listen to real experts on the changing climate, like Mr. Greenhouse.

By that logic, yes.

After seeing thereaction to his tweet, he started explaining.

Oh, no you weren’t saying that; except that is exactly what you were saying.

Don’t worry. With every tweet you publish, there are decidedly fewer people who take your tweets seriously.

Just stop, dude. Just stop.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/12/13/it-feels-like-may-nyt-reporters-genius-climate-analysis-is-mouth-gaping-idiocy/

Warmer earth may subtract methane – #climatechange #globalwarming

English: AIRS 2006-2009 annual mean upper troposphere(359Hpa) methane concentration(ppm). Data source:http://daac.gsfc.nasa.gov/giovanni/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
On warmer Earth, most of Arctic may remove, not add, methane
In addition to melting icecaps and imperiled wildlife, a significant… http://www.thecherrycreeknews.com/warmer-earth-may-subtract-methane-climatechange-globalwarming/ #AlGore, #Celsius, #Climate, #ClimateChange, #Earth, #Fahrenheit, #GlobalWarming, #Methane, #NorthernHemisphere, #SurfaceLayer, #Temperature

#Climate Change deniers in Congress took nearly $300k each from energy biz

The new Congress is rife with members who deny overwhelming evidence of climate change.
Most Republican leaders deny the humans are responsible for climate change, and so are the majority of Republican members of a key science committee.
For Republican members of Congress, it pays well to bury … http://goo.gl/pzLnBp #ClimateChange, #ClimateChangeDeniers, #GlobalWarming