Bonacquisti Wine Company turns 10

Hosts the Northside Wine and Music Festival October 1

DENVER — In celebration of a decade of making wine, Bonacquisti Wine Company is hosting the Northside Wine and Music Festival, featuring tastings of multiple Colorado wine brands, food and music. The public is welcome to join the fun on October 1, 2016 from 2-8pm at 4640 Pecos St., Unit I. The event is free to attend. $ 10 buys a commemorative tasting glass and 5 tastings of various Colorado wines. Participants in the same-day Jewels of the Highlands home tour can enjoy the tastings for $ 5 when purchased with their tour ticket. 

The festival will feature music from Gumbo le Funque and Chris Romero’s Van Halen Tribute band, Best of Both Worlds. Full pours of wine will also be available to purchase, as will food from Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza.  

The 2016 Jewels of Highlands Home Tour runs from Noon–4pm the same day as the Northwest Wine and Music Festival and will feature 8 spectacular homes in the Potter Highlands neighborhood of NW Denver. Potter Highland is a designated Historic District, one of the oldest in the city. 100% of the proceeds from the 2016 Jewels of Highlands Home Tour benefit Skinner Middle School, a Denver Public School in Northwest Denver, serving students since 1922. The combined tour/festival ticket allows participants to top off their day with a stop in the adjacent Sunnyside neighborhood for the wine and music festival!

Other weekly winery events include Bring Your Own Vinyl (BYOV) Thursdays. They provide the turntable, you bring the albums. Enjoy $ 4 Happy Hour appetizers and tap wines from 4-7 pm while listening to your favorite tunes!

The year-around Friday’s Uncorked event also continues from, 6:30-9 pm every week with an ever-changing line-up of bands and food trucks for a fun family evening. Happy Hour pricing runs from 4-6. Visit the for a current music schedule.

Bonacquisti Wine Company is conveniently located in Denver, 1.5 blocks south of I-70 on Pecos St at 4640 Pecos St., Unit I, in the same plaza as Quiznos. They offer tastings and tours of the wine-production area where they crush, press and ferment their Colorado wines on site. Wines by the glass are always on special and the winemaker, Paul Bonacquisti, is usually in the house. Winery & Tasting Room Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday, 11am-5pm, Thursday 11am-7pm, Friday 11am – 10pm (Live Music starts at 6:30p), Saturday 11am-5pm. $ 10 fee to taste all wines. Wine sold by the refillable growler jug are a popular treat for locals and visitors alike. For more information visit


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Choosing Denver Carpet Cleaning Company.

In Denver metro area there is an extra fee for carpet cleaning which blurs the line between additional services and hidden fees. There are many additional services which add up to the cost of cleaning and are not covered under standard cleaning. The additional services can be of many types, such as red stain removal requires a costly chemical. This is why the cost increases when you have red stains on the carpets. Denver Carpet Cleaning does not charge extra for mild pet stains, hence mild pet stains are not included in additional services and hence if charged for these services you can say that youre being hidden charged.

Some of the many things for which Denver Carpet Cleaning might charge us as additional fees but in real were hidden charges are:
Gas if any of the Denver Carpet Cleaning company is in Denver main city and you also stay at the same, they cannot charge you for gas.
Portable machines charging for portable machines is also a kind of extra irrelevant charges and must not be entertained in any case.
Scented spray charging for making carpet smell flowery is also a bit unreasonable. If any Denver carpet cleaning company charge for scenting, $ 1 is more than enough

Also charging the rates of a full room for bathrooms and kitchen is also included as hidden charges if considered the service company is Denver carpet cleaning. Also if something happens to the original technician, no extra money should be paid to the substitute technician.

There are also many charges which one might consider as hidden charges but in reality they are not so. These legitimate charges include:

Pet stain removal these types of stain are one of the trickiest stain to remove and sometimes carpet cleaner just cannot remove these stains. This talk must be done before the carpet cleaning procedure. We should see whether paying extra charges is worth or not.

Red stains these types of stains need expensive chemicals and are one of the most stubborn stains. These stains just not come out without using those expensive chemicals. Hence, if a Denver carpet cleaning company charges you for red stains, then it is completely understandable and legitimate.
Coffee stains coffee stains are very similar to red stains and need expensive chemical to be removed.

Carpet Stretching this is one of the various things which we consider as surprisingly cheap. What happens in carpet stretching is that the tools used are very cheap and you in a way pay only for labor.
Carpet dying if we want to bring back the colors of discolored portions you should ask Denver cleaning company to dye the carpets but remember this add on comes with an additional price.

Carpet transitions in the process of carpet transition the cleaners use fairly expensive type of material and charge for per square foot. We can get the color and material of our choice though.

These are some of the many things or I should say types of charges you should keep in mind before opting for any carpet cleaning company.

Merry William is an author of, One of the best carpet cleaning company. She is writing articles on denver carpet cleaning from past 2 years.

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Benefits Of A Denver Web Design Company

Denver web design companies offer all web design services for its clients in Denver Modes of advertisements and transmitting information are many, like newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. But sometimes internet is the best way to advertise your product or company, to generate awareness about any social cause or to inform people about your business, or any commercial firm. And all this is done through a website. All companies, institutions, schools, colleges, universities, have their own website not just for advertising themselves or their products but also for the convenience of their customers who can have access to their website 24X7 and for general public who can have information at their fingertips.

Denver web design companies provide excellent implementation of your website at affordable prices. These services include web design, web development, content management system (CMS) tools (like WordPress, Joomla, and custom CMS solutions), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, Internet marketing, Ecommerce web design and many more. Web development Denver services provide custom website supported by Java script, PHP and ASP tools. Web design in Denver offer clients with attractive and affordable website. From flash experts to PHP programmers- these companies hire specialized professionals in each field. With all these excellent services they help in making profit by promoting your website increasing the range of your customers. All websites want to appear in the top rankings of various search engines, like Google, yahoo, MSN etc. These web design communities resolve these issues of ranking through SEO services.

The benefits of these companies are too many to list. They manage the content of your website and visuals used in it, very well. Besides the technical support, proper flow of communication and ideas is equally important. Especially in the field of media and communication, advertising language involves various rhetorical strategies which are managed efficiently by them. They provide unique designs which are attractive and user friendly. These companies are dependable and have a good track record of these services which promises efficiency and reliability.

Colorado website design communities offer the same services all over the state of Colorado and also in several other countries. You might not be aware of advancements taking place in the field of computers. So these services also help in upgrading your existing websites by making it look more attractive with latest technology.

Websites have become very important these days. During summer or winter vacations, school post holiday homework for kids on their school website. Kids make their school projects by searching various websites on internet. Businessmen want to promote their products through internet. College students read articles, short stories and poems from internet instead from a book. A lot of e-books are available on websites. Movie tickets are booked online. Clothes, cosmetics, and books- everything can be purchased online today. Technology has made things fast. These website design companies help in meeting the needs of a modern society who want everything to be fast and quick. Denver Web Design Company offers great service to anyone who wants to have a website.

Arvel Clinton is an author of (, One of the best web design company. He is writing articles on web design in denver since long time.

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Denver Event Venues: Perfect for Company Events

A group bonded even outside the four corners of the office is often a team that can take on any task effectively. Should you plan to organize an event sponsored by your company, like a team building with your office team or department, you may have to explore the services provided by different event venues in Denver, Colorado.


Best Quality Facilities

Colorado event places provide the very best facilities for your company, whether you might be organizing a purely recreational outing, corporate retreat, party, or ballroom. They have sound systems, projectors, lightings, along with other equipment that could help the event acquire good results. These event venue businesses make certain that your company’s personnel get to experience the best spot at the least expensive price.


Reputable Affiliates

To make certain that you only get the best places in Denver, you’ll find occasion organizers who’re affiliated with trustworthy restaurants, vacation homes, concierges, and hotels. Event organizers can come up with an exciting and adventurous team building activities in ski resorts, and mountaineering clubs. In case you talk with an events firm in Denver, you’ll have limitless tips for a organization outing.



It helps if one can get any of the gorgeous Denver event venues available but a good tinerary can make or break a planned event. Most occasion organizations generate distinct types of itineraries and programs for corporate retreats based on your company’s desires. To obtain positive outcomes for an active or relaxing retreat, you must discuss with diverse occasion businesses in Denver and see if their suggested programs will do for you.



A business outing is not perfect without a taste of the place’s nightlife scene. There are many event venues Denver Colorado has that hold typical musical events. Other people can go with mystery-themed diners which will let you crack detective cases as you eat the top dishes Denver restaurants supply.


Natural Attractions

For all those who seek for exciting adventures as a bonding activity, your team can have a skiing adventure from 12,000 feet. It is possible to take pleasure in the skies once you ride in hot air balloons or get pleasure from the water while rafting on the rapids. Corporate retreats Colorado occasion businesses set up also take pride of the Rocky Mountain National Park, where you and your team can climb the mountains and appreciate the view. There are lots of sights in Colorado that you simply can get pleasure from.

If you have questions, please visit us at for complete details and answers.

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Choosing A Denver Sign Company

If you are spending too much time on the Internet searching for the right Denver sign company, perhaps you are not searching for the right types of businesses. There are certain qualities and specific factors that a good professional business needs to offer their clients, some of which include professionalism, dependability and efficiency, not to mention affordability.

It is usually best to go with a Denver sign company that has been in the business for more than a few years; the more experience they have, the more types of signs and clients they have done work for, which means that they are going to be more likely to be able to offer you exactly what it is you need for your business. It does not matter if your task is a small one or a massive advertising campaign you need to launch with signs; the company you hire should have a track record of treating all clients with the same degree of importance.

You should make sure that they are not specialists with just one business sector, but with many. Their projects and professional portfolio should include everything from hospitals and clinics, schools and apartment complexes to industrial parks, land developments and even ADA signs. The best Denver sign companies are going to be those that do everything from the initial concept designs to the fabrication and also the installation of your new finished sign.

Some companies also have experience in things like entry features and sculptures, so if this sounds like something you are interested in, you may want to ask- it is not unheard of! Although their main focus is interior and exterior signage, there are often many other focuses they have as well. You can often find many different yet related services all under one roof, including conceptual design, final design and engineering, budgeting, fabrication and installation. If you have a designer project going on and just need something fabricated by a Denver sign company to ship elsewhere, this should never be a problem either.

Be sure that you spend some time on the Internet researching potential businesses for the task you need done, and make sure that they strike a good chord with you. The best professionals are going to have websites that have professional portfolios to showcase their work, so be sure before you do any ordering that you thoroughly look at the work that the Denver sign company has done in the past for clients to make sure that you love what they do.

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The best Denver Roofing Company

A roof is a very important part of any house or building. A good, strong and durable roof is required for all buildings and without one, the building will remain incomplete. A roof protects the interiors of the house from the various forces of nature like rain, snow, hail and storm. People looking for installation of a good quality roof in their homes do not look beyond the Denver roofing company HighMark Contracting. The roofing service located in Denver, Colorado has been in the roofing and siding business for many years now. They have many satisfied customers who recommend them to others. Their business is growing by the day and the testimonials, which customers write about them, are very positive and encouraging.

Colorado’s climate has seen it all. Rain, wind, snow, hail, storm, and roofs in the state have to be strong to withstand the harsh forces of nature. The rough climate found in the state takes it’s toll on many roofs. What may be considered a new roof in certain areas may look like an old roof in Colorado. An old and damaged roof is not only unsightly but it can be a hazard to the entire house. Such roofs have to be repaired at the earliest and a good quality roofing company like HighMark Contracting does just that. The service has representatives to answer your emergency calls and they send an engineer at the earliest to take a look and estimate your roofing problems.

The Denver Roofing company, HighMark Contracting has over 25 years of experience in the roofing business serving the entire Front Range in Denver, Colorado. The company can send their engineer at any Front Range or Denver address within a few hours to provide the customer with a detailed estimate on his roof repair or new roof. A damaged roof cannot be left as it is because it can be very dangerous not only for the residents of the building but even for the passersby in the area. The Denver Roof experts can help with all kinds of roofing requirements and they also have an up to date and user-friendly website.

Clerk bob writes informative and unique articles about Denver Roofer. One thing that separates Clerk bob from others is the passion she puts into it, knowing full well and respecting the time viewers spend on reading his work.

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