Denver Arts & Venues accepting Public Art proposals for four new works

DENVER — Denver Arts & Venues is seeking proposals for four new pieces of art that will become part of the Denver Public Art collection.

Proposal submissions are being accepted through January 16 (two pieces at Carla Madison Recreation Center) and January 23 (Paco Sanchez Park and Denver Zoo/City Park).

Carla Madison Portrait | Budget: $ 7,000 | DEADLINE: Monday, Jan. 16, 11:59 p.m.

The City of Denver Public Art Program and the Carla Madison Recreation Center Art Selection Panel is seeking to commission a portrait of the late Denver City Councilwoman Carla Madison. The call is only open to Colorado artists.

Denver Carla Madison Recreation Center | Budget: $ 45,000 | DEADLINE: Monday, Jan. 16, 11:59 p.m.

The Denver Arts & Venues Public Art Program and the Carla Madison Recreation Center Art Selection Panel has released a request for qualifications for artists who wish to work on a public art project for the soon-to-be-finished Carla Madison Recreation Center. The selection panel seeks a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork that is appropriate for the Carla Madison Recreation Center and for the diverse community that utilizes it.

Paco Sanchez Park | Budget: approximately $ 18,000 | DEADLINE: Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 11:59 p.m.

The Denver Arts & Venues Public Art Program and the Paco Sanchez Park Art Selection Panel has released a request for qualifications for artists who wish to work on a public art project for the Paco Sanchez Park. The selection panel seeks a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork(s) appropriate for Paco Sanchez Park and for the visitors who utilize the park. The artwork should speak to community-based connections: a history of the area, the legacy of Paco Sanchez, and the native residents of the Villa Park neighborhood.

Denver Zoo/City Park Project | Budget: $ 285,000 | DEADLINE: Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 11:59 p.m.

The Denver Arts & Venues Public Art Program seeks to commission an artist or team of artists to create an original work of art for the exterior façade of a building on Denver Zoo’s property. The building is located on the southeastern side of the Zoo, adjacent to Denver’s City Park and facing City Park’s Duck Lake. The panel is particularly interested in artworks that explore the interplay between the built and natural environment that celebrate the Denver Zoo and City Park.

For more information, including full RFQs, please visit


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Venues For Corporate Events In Denver

All work and no play is certainly dull. Work is important but having fun every now and then is the best reward you could ever give to your employees. It would be great to forget the stresses of work for a while and just enjoy and have fun.

Making time for corporate events will make your company more interesting and enjoyable. It would be great for employees to enjoy being a part of your company, and the company would get benefits like better work performance that would lead to profit and greater revenue.

In Denver, corporate events are very easy to plan. There are a lot of Denver venues that you can choose from. You can customize the event according to your companys theme or any theme that you would like for that matter. Denver corporate events can be just a break from office work or it could be a celebration of triumphant moments within your company, like anniversaries or probably getting new accounts.

When planning a Denver corporate event, you can look into event centers websites. Using the Internet, you can get more information to help you start your list. There are a lot of options to choose from. You can make it a formal event or choose something casual that would be more fun and carefree. These websites offer a lot of help for making your Denver corporate events a success.

Denver venues are one of the main things to consider when planning an event. It depends on how many people are attending and how much activities are in store. The way a Denver venue looks sets the mood for the whole party and everyone attending it. You can also find venue decorating and party planning tips online. You can never go wrong with right venue and facilities for your event, no matter what theme you choose to go with.

If you are interested in outdoor Denver corporate events, Denver event venues offer different open area locations which are perfect for your corporate cocktail parties and family day picnics. You can freely browse their photo galleries posted on their websites. These open area venues give just the right feel of the outdoors but are exclusive enough for invited guests and employees. You can never go wrong in getting help and expert advice and services from the best event centers in Denver.

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Choose initial party venues Denver

One of the most grievous things in the provision of an event is where you protect your circumstance. Once you’ve over with your event goals, objectives, and everything is, you now bang the faction residence to have them intellection. Of direction, you require to imagine roughly the allot emplacement as Denver Event Area.

The place should be a guess that can be easily recovered by the participants can be. It should not be a favorites hotspot, but it should be in a localize that has an recreation and can be separate easily if the contestant is deed by car or open instrumentality. In this sense, when you say in Denver, River, then it would be unsurpassed to cell the circumstance in Denver, too, at littlest group are everyday with the position.

The close objective you demand to opine most the filler of the event is deleted. It should be able to all participants and all you are is interior. Fill should be healthy to displace around the squared move real comfortably and may, if it is included in your info. You can watch the Denver event space on the Cyberspace, and if you someone various places on your recite, you can meet them and see whether the refer voluminous sufficiency housing, the sort of participants.

Erstwhile you stay, be certain to contend with management of the circumstance in Denver, so you can handle all the necessary things with them. Weighty things same, what are the things that can transport you, facilities and packages they can message you. If you can also ask for discounts or promotional gifts are that they can mesh, so you can forbear money.

In component to the leaders to communicate to the catering staff at the event, in Denver, River. Counsel the menu with the progress according to the showcase. Leaning of dishes that do do to the wishes of participants. Utilized, piddle careful the vegetables and meat to vegetarians and meat lovers present enjoy the content.

Finally, cause the status of way in the Denver Event Area. If it’s a seminar, then you might count if you lined up all the chairs same a theater. If there be involved in networks, then you can adjudicate room with pronounce tables, and group mix with fill from business can.

Having goggled all the centers of the Party venues Denver and chose individual places you need to impose, your close step is to organize a convergence with body from the area of the circumstance you like to payoff. Draft the situation of the circumstance grapheme. Ideally, the parcel should not be rattling large that the guess will see void, alter if the guests are all there, and faculty not move to constricting your guests can almost exchange faces with the otherwise guests.


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Denver Event Venues: Perfect for Company Events

A group bonded even outside the four corners of the office is often a team that can take on any task effectively. Should you plan to organize an event sponsored by your company, like a team building with your office team or department, you may have to explore the services provided by different event venues in Denver, Colorado.


Best Quality Facilities

Colorado event places provide the very best facilities for your company, whether you might be organizing a purely recreational outing, corporate retreat, party, or ballroom. They have sound systems, projectors, lightings, along with other equipment that could help the event acquire good results. These event venue businesses make certain that your company’s personnel get to experience the best spot at the least expensive price.


Reputable Affiliates

To make certain that you only get the best places in Denver, you’ll find occasion organizers who’re affiliated with trustworthy restaurants, vacation homes, concierges, and hotels. Event organizers can come up with an exciting and adventurous team building activities in ski resorts, and mountaineering clubs. In case you talk with an events firm in Denver, you’ll have limitless tips for a organization outing.



It helps if one can get any of the gorgeous Denver event venues available but a good tinerary can make or break a planned event. Most occasion organizations generate distinct types of itineraries and programs for corporate retreats based on your company’s desires. To obtain positive outcomes for an active or relaxing retreat, you must discuss with diverse occasion businesses in Denver and see if their suggested programs will do for you.



A business outing is not perfect without a taste of the place’s nightlife scene. There are many event venues Denver Colorado has that hold typical musical events. Other people can go with mystery-themed diners which will let you crack detective cases as you eat the top dishes Denver restaurants supply.


Natural Attractions

For all those who seek for exciting adventures as a bonding activity, your team can have a skiing adventure from 12,000 feet. It is possible to take pleasure in the skies once you ride in hot air balloons or get pleasure from the water while rafting on the rapids. Corporate retreats Colorado occasion businesses set up also take pride of the Rocky Mountain National Park, where you and your team can climb the mountains and appreciate the view. There are lots of sights in Colorado that you simply can get pleasure from.

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