Denver Arts & Venues accepting Public Art proposals for four new works

DENVER — Denver Arts & Venues is seeking proposals for four new pieces of art that will become part of the Denver Public Art collection.

Proposal submissions are being accepted through January 16 (two pieces at Carla Madison Recreation Center) and January 23 (Paco Sanchez Park and Denver Zoo/City Park).

Carla Madison Portrait | Budget: $ 7,000 | DEADLINE: Monday, Jan. 16, 11:59 p.m.

The City of Denver Public Art Program and the Carla Madison Recreation Center Art Selection Panel is seeking to commission a portrait of the late Denver City Councilwoman Carla Madison. The call is only open to Colorado artists.

Denver Carla Madison Recreation Center | Budget: $ 45,000 | DEADLINE: Monday, Jan. 16, 11:59 p.m.

The Denver Arts & Venues Public Art Program and the Carla Madison Recreation Center Art Selection Panel has released a request for qualifications for artists who wish to work on a public art project for the soon-to-be-finished Carla Madison Recreation Center. The selection panel seeks a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork that is appropriate for the Carla Madison Recreation Center and for the diverse community that utilizes it.

Paco Sanchez Park | Budget: approximately $ 18,000 | DEADLINE: Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 11:59 p.m.

The Denver Arts & Venues Public Art Program and the Paco Sanchez Park Art Selection Panel has released a request for qualifications for artists who wish to work on a public art project for the Paco Sanchez Park. The selection panel seeks a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork(s) appropriate for Paco Sanchez Park and for the visitors who utilize the park. The artwork should speak to community-based connections: a history of the area, the legacy of Paco Sanchez, and the native residents of the Villa Park neighborhood.

Denver Zoo/City Park Project | Budget: $ 285,000 | DEADLINE: Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 11:59 p.m.

The Denver Arts & Venues Public Art Program seeks to commission an artist or team of artists to create an original work of art for the exterior façade of a building on Denver Zoo’s property. The building is located on the southeastern side of the Zoo, adjacent to Denver’s City Park and facing City Park’s Duck Lake. The panel is particularly interested in artworks that explore the interplay between the built and natural environment that celebrate the Denver Zoo and City Park.

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The New Four Seasons Downtown Denver

I am Dan Polimino with Colorado Dream House and this week’s market update for the week of September 20. All right everybody eat your heart out, this past week I have the pleasure of getting an advance preview of the Four Seasons hotel, and in Four Seasons in downtown Denver, and if you’re familiar with the Four Seasons resorts then you’re accustomed to the elegance, the service, the amenities and the appointments, it’s all fantastic. It’s really living the good life. If you are new to the Four Seasons, well then I think you’ll be blown away. If you have an opportunity to come to Denver check it out.

The building is 45-storeys tall and it’s broken up this way, the first 17 floors are for the hotel and hotel guests. Floors 18 through 45 are all private residences. There’s a 102 units between those floors, they’ve got about half of them sold already which is pretty amazing in this economy. But the great thing is that it’s just an incredible property. The layouts are great, the location is great. It’s right on 14th street directly across from the Denver Performing Arts Center and the Convention Center and when you get up on those upper floors I was on the 30th and the 35th and so forth, the views are just magnificent, and it really doesn’t matter what side of the building you’re on, you’ll either have an incredible full front range view of the Colorado mountains or you’ll have a full view of downtown and some units have a little bit of both. You can’t miss on the views and they have huge balconies.

So a really good outdoor living space, and yes, they’re appointed nicely but let’s face it, you’re not paying top dollar real estate in Colorado for the granite counter-tops at the Four Seasons, you’re paying top dollar real estate at the Four Seasons because of the service, the service and the service.

They’ll do just about anything at the Four Seasons. You want them to walk your dog, they’ll do it three times a day. You need food brought up, they’ll do it. You needed to stock your fridge, they’ll do it. How about making your bed, taking your dry cleaning down, doing your laundry, they’ll do it all. They’ll park your car, you got your own private entrance for the personal residences, you have your own full time (00:02:13) which are available too at all times and of course you have all the SPA and the amenities that go along with the hotel, its really a great property.

So you’re in Denver by all means come and check out, stay at the hotel. If you’re interested in purchasing a residence at the new Four Seasons which opens October 19th, contact me at Have a great week!

Dan is a premier internet marketing and online real estate marketing expert. In fact, he works as a consultant and teaches other real estate agents about using the latest technology for real estate business. Dan also speaks professionally to companies such as ReMax, Sotheby’s, and Hilton on Internet marketing.

A member of the Denver Board of REALTORS, he has bought and sold Denver real estate – for his clients and himself – for more than 12 years. Dan produces a well-known Colorado real estate blog and writes a regular column for The Denver Post.

His professional sales and marketing experience spans 26 years in Denver, New York and Florida. Dan holds a BS degree in Broadcast Journalism and Psychology from Syracuse University. He is married and has two children. Fitness and health, running, skiing, and golf are his favorite hobbies.

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The Four Seasons Of Denver

Denver may just be one of the most perfect cities to live in. If you look to the west you will see rows of green mountains, and look to the east you will see city surrounded by blue skies. It is a city that holds every season, sometimes in one day.

The mornings start off with crystal blue skies, dew covered grass, and the smell of nature fills the air. By noon the only shade around is under the green trees, as the afternoon passes the scent of rain is misting all around.

The full blown storm can be seen on the horizon of the hilltops, it will be here darkening the sky in a matter of moments. The storms in late summer are full of amazement, how such a calm sunny day can turn into a wild thrusting rain in a matter of minutes.

The beauty and aw of these storms also brings destruction of windows and roofs. There are many roofers Denver Co . but which one will do the best job without costing you a fortune? The aftermath of the storm is so serene, and awesome. People come from all over the neighborhoods to compare stories of destruction and who is the best to call for repairs.

After a big storm hits, signs begin to line the streets from different roofers Denver Co, so you began to ask neighbors who is the best to call. The storm was the most amazing sight you have ever seen, but the mess it left behind, makes you wonder are seeing the seasons in one state really worth it? Fixing all the damage that was caused is easy especially when you find good roofers Denver Co and another storm may come to destroy the houses again, but how often can you see natures fury at its full blown finest?

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