New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Downtown Denver

DENVER — Looking for a fun, safe, free, family-friendly way to ring in the new year? Well, then Downtown Denver is the place to celebrate. Now in its 15th year, the tradition continues with two fireworks shows that light up the skies and make the skyscrapers sparkle. The first, at 9pm, is great for you early-to-bed folks. (Us, too!) And then there’s midnight to officially welcome the new year.

Both dazzling shows are identical and synchronized to music from DJs along the 16th Street Mall. The fireworks are presented by the Downtown Denver Partnership and co-sponsored by VISIT DENVER and the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District.

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Please note RTD Service Closures Downtown. On New Year’s Eve between 8pm and 2am, all F, H & D line service will end at the Colorado Convention Center. All Downtown stations will be closed. A train shuttle will run between 30th/Downing and 18th/California stations. For more information about closures and New Year’s Eve service, click here.

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All About Apartments In Downtown, Denver

There are many apartments in downtown Denver, Colorado to consider. With all the options that are available, finding the best place for oneself can be a time consuming project. Of course, it is only time consuming if one isnt properly equipped with the facts that these places provide. Anyone knows that proper research will help them sort out their choices within a convenient timeline. It all boils down to knowing where to begin.

Apartments in downtown, Denver have several amenities that make them pop out. These features can only be found in key sections within downtown. This little fact is what makes these places so unique. Why settle for ordinary if one can obtain something extraordinary? Such features that can be found in these complexes are oversized windows, walk in closets, custom fireplaces, private garages, washer and dryer connections, and dishwashers. Looking over the glistening city of Denver during the hours of twilight can easily be savored through the large windows. Keep warm during those frigid evenings with their custom made fireplaces. Store excess belongings in ones own private garage. These are only a few reasons as to why living downtown can be an appealing thought. These residences have nothing but the best of amenities and a quality of life that cant be beat.

Thusly, there are more factors that can make the notion of finding apartments in downtown, Denver something to mull over. Also, the awesome communities that accompany the interior features that these apartments have make things extra sweet. There are pools, spas, fitness centers, coffee bars, internet lounges, tennis courts, tanning, and BBQ quarters.

There is no doubt that finding the right place to call home within the city can be easily accomplished. If anyone has any questions, the staff members will answer them as soon as they can. They strive in providing excellence in services with their tenants. Any problems that arise will be fixed upon notice and safety is the utmost factor that they support.

With all these elements to look into regarding these apartments, its hard not to fall in love with them. Home is where you make it and making any apartment in downtown home can be easily vindicated. Living in the big city is an adventure and having a warm, comfortable and safe place to call home is heavily sought. Take a look around and discover what everyone is talking about. There will be no doubt that finding apartment in downtown Denver will be a journey well worth taking.

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The Cost of Finding Denver Downtown Apartments


For people who are moving out of home for the first time, it can be an exciting experience to start looking for their new apartment. The only downside is that most people will only consider the cost of moving into Denver downtown apartments rather than also budgeting for all of the minor costs you can come across before you even find the right property. Most of the costs involved in finding Denver downtown apartments are minor, but they should still form a part of your overall budget. The last thing you need is to find the perfect home, only to find that you do not have enough money left to secure the property.


One of the main expenses before you sign the lease on Denver downtown apartments is going to be your application fee. While there are no hard and fast rules about how much an application fee should be, in most cases, it will also include the cost of your credit check as well. Overall, the cost should reflect what the landlord will have to pay to run a background check on you and not form a profitable part of their business. It is also important to ask if this fee will be refunded if you do not pass the application process; again there are no laws governing this, but most good landlords will not charge you should you fail the application.


In some cases, you may find that while you are applying for Denver downtown apartments, you will be asked to place a small holding deposit on the property. This is simply to take it off the market and show that you are a serious candidate. The payment should be fully refundable if you do not pass the application process, and if you do, it will normally be taken as part of your deposit on the property.


It is extremely important to ensure that you always get a proper receipt for any money that you hand over. You should also check that you are always paying someone who is legally part of the management or the owner of a certain building or apartment. Even with a receipt in hand, it is always a good idea to get some sort of written confirmation as to exactly what fees and deposits you have just paid. These are just some of the charges you can expect to pay when applying for Denver downtown apartments.

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What You Need to Know About the Downtown Aquarium Denver

Many sights are available in downtown Denver, Colorado. One that should not be missed is the Downtown Denver Aquarium. This aquarium is conveniently located in the central Denver area. One should be able to see this aquarium while visiting some of the other sights in the city. The aquarium offers over 1 million gallons of water. It also features a wide variety of aquatic life. It has special events for the holidays as well as events like birthday parties. This aquarium boasts a high interest rate among visitors and residents of the Denver metropolitan area alike. One visit to the aquarium will tell you why.

The museum is open most weekdays from 11 to 9 and on Friday from 11 to 10. It is also open on the weekends. This attraction also features a look at ecosystems from around the world. It has 500 animal species within the confines of the facility, a stingray touch tank, as well as activities especially for kids like the coconut tree climb, and face painting activities. A visitor to the aquarium will never run out of things to do, whether it is a visit to North America (an aquarium attraction) or the coral lagoon, or a tropical rainforest. These are just some of the amazing exhibits to be seen.

This aquarium also features workshops on conservation methods that can be used to preserve aquatic life. Another amazing feature that the aquarium boasts is the addition of a 4D theatre where one can see lifelike movies with ocean themes. The aquarium also has a restaurant on the premises with a full scale bar as well as other snack options. One will not go hungry on their visit.

It also features a fantastic aquarium store where one can purchase mementos of their trip. The aquarium is one of a package of attractions that one can get when they visit the downtown Denver area. Many people will find one visit is not enough, and will plan multiple adventures to the aquarium. It is definitively a must see event for those who visit the Rocky Mountain State. While in Denver make a visit to the aquarium on your list of must see activities.

There are parking garages located nearby the aquarium so it is easy for people to be able to visit and get back to their car safely. So, for proximity and ease of entry, the Denver Aquarium is one that many people can look forward to visiting and having a valuable and unique experience.


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Downtown Denver Partnership turns to crowdfunding for protected bike-lane

Downtown Denver Partnership turns to crowdfunding for protected bike-lane
The Downtown Denver Partnership hopes to gather enough donations via a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the design of a new protected bike lane in the city. With the lane — running along Arapahoe Street downtown — the DDP seeks to further its mission …
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The New Four Seasons Downtown Denver

I am Dan Polimino with Colorado Dream House and this week’s market update for the week of September 20. All right everybody eat your heart out, this past week I have the pleasure of getting an advance preview of the Four Seasons hotel, and in Four Seasons in downtown Denver, and if you’re familiar with the Four Seasons resorts then you’re accustomed to the elegance, the service, the amenities and the appointments, it’s all fantastic. It’s really living the good life. If you are new to the Four Seasons, well then I think you’ll be blown away. If you have an opportunity to come to Denver check it out.

The building is 45-storeys tall and it’s broken up this way, the first 17 floors are for the hotel and hotel guests. Floors 18 through 45 are all private residences. There’s a 102 units between those floors, they’ve got about half of them sold already which is pretty amazing in this economy. But the great thing is that it’s just an incredible property. The layouts are great, the location is great. It’s right on 14th street directly across from the Denver Performing Arts Center and the Convention Center and when you get up on those upper floors I was on the 30th and the 35th and so forth, the views are just magnificent, and it really doesn’t matter what side of the building you’re on, you’ll either have an incredible full front range view of the Colorado mountains or you’ll have a full view of downtown and some units have a little bit of both. You can’t miss on the views and they have huge balconies.

So a really good outdoor living space, and yes, they’re appointed nicely but let’s face it, you’re not paying top dollar real estate in Colorado for the granite counter-tops at the Four Seasons, you’re paying top dollar real estate at the Four Seasons because of the service, the service and the service.

They’ll do just about anything at the Four Seasons. You want them to walk your dog, they’ll do it three times a day. You need food brought up, they’ll do it. You needed to stock your fridge, they’ll do it. How about making your bed, taking your dry cleaning down, doing your laundry, they’ll do it all. They’ll park your car, you got your own private entrance for the personal residences, you have your own full time (00:02:13) which are available too at all times and of course you have all the SPA and the amenities that go along with the hotel, its really a great property.

So you’re in Denver by all means come and check out, stay at the hotel. If you’re interested in purchasing a residence at the new Four Seasons which opens October 19th, contact me at Have a great week!

Dan is a premier internet marketing and online real estate marketing expert. In fact, he works as a consultant and teaches other real estate agents about using the latest technology for real estate business. Dan also speaks professionally to companies such as ReMax, Sotheby’s, and Hilton on Internet marketing.

A member of the Denver Board of REALTORS, he has bought and sold Denver real estate – for his clients and himself – for more than 12 years. Dan produces a well-known Colorado real estate blog and writes a regular column for The Denver Post.

His professional sales and marketing experience spans 26 years in Denver, New York and Florida. Dan holds a BS degree in Broadcast Journalism and Psychology from Syracuse University. He is married and has two children. Fitness and health, running, skiing, and golf are his favorite hobbies.

Working with Dan Polimino and his Colorado real estate team affords clients an unparalleled experience. He limits his client roster to small groups of buyers and sellers at any given time so that each client gets his undivided attention. Known as a “bulldog” during negotiations, Dan makes it a priority to get his clients what they want. Plus, he goes the extra mile to create opportunities through strategic networking, online marketing, and innovative ideas to connect buyers and sellers.

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