Need to get off the couch? Regis University can help!

REGIS — Regis University’s School of Physical Therapy has a message for neighborhood residents: Join its new “Couch to 5K” weekly program, which begins in June, and receive a discount to run in the University’s popular Move Forward 5K/10K this fall. While this year marks the 15th running of the Move Forward races, the free […]

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The Rising Need for Denver Moving Companies

When it comes to relocation or shifting to a new house, you would definitely have to follow certain residential moving solutions. You will be certainly in an excited mood while moving to a new location, but the entire ecstasy would turn off when your precious belongings are delivered to your new place with damages. Your total frame of mind would be lost, thereby leaving you fully stressed. However by residing in city like Denver, you can consider yourself lucky since a plenty of moving companies prevail around the city. As Denver’s population is booming currently, many new home buyers or first time home buyers are taking advantage of the economy and moving to a new home for their family.

There are certain vital things to be taken care of, while choosing a moving company. Money is usually one of the number one things consumers take into consideration when searching for a moving company and therefore look for the one that saves you some money. Denver’s moving industry is currently enlarging at a rapid rate, and therefore the demand for jobs in the moving industries has increased as well. Though Denver moving companies are profiting more, most of them are worthy for the rate they fix. Moving is really a stressful time and therefore finding a moving company that helps you in relieving some stress and worry, is really important. Even if price is important, you must also factor the quality in move, professionalism and knowledge with your mover’s care and concern for your prized possessions. Moving is not easy, but it is very worthwhile to move people under stressful situation.

In order to make your move an enjoyable and cost-saving one, here are few moving tips which might be helpful in reducing the amount of time and frustration spent on your moving day. Lamps, pictures, plants and stereo components will take time to secure properly in the truck. Hence it would be better to take such items yourself along with your personal belongings. Anyhow, even if you are committing such items with your denver mover, make it under your guidance too. Wind up all the electrical cord connections in your house, before beginning the moving activity; else these cords may lead to a nimble hazard. While in case of lampshades, chest and dresser mirrors, they must be packed in separate boxes to ensure their safe arrival. Most of the Denver moving companies make use of quality packing boxes. These boxes are usually designed to handle the rigors of a move and when properly packed with clean newsprint and sealed, you can have trust that your contents would arrive safely. Also, ensure that you have labeled every box you packed, so that they can be placed at the right place on arrival.

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Denver Home Cinema Installation: What You Need To Know

You may be a homeowner in Denver who has decided to take the next step in the creation of your home entertainment room by hiring a Denver home cinema design and installation service.  This is a great first step, and you will want to be on the lookout for several key features in the Denver home cinema installation company’s method for achieving the goal of placing fully functional Denver home cinema systems into your home.

For a properly installed home cinema, Denver residents will first want to spend time with the company who will work on your Denver home cinema design.  It is much easier and much less expensive to make changes to a design on paper prior to the actual installation of the home cinema.  Denver service providers will want to visit your home, see the space, and then will show you the latest technologies in audio and video components, from which you can choose those that best fit in with your goals for the Denver home cinema systems.  There are all sorts of appealing parts that go into your home cinema; Denver homeowners might want a big-screen, or LCD television system installed.  Surround sound, like what you hear in a traditional movie theater, is also now a great option for your  home cinema.  Denver homeowners will also want to consider that the look of the room, its furnishings, are of the utmost importance as well, because they affect the comfort level of the room.  The installation team will also provide you with your options for wiring the home cinema.  Denver residents will want to look at this closely, because it will affect your ability to add new components to your sound and video systems in the future affordably, without having to rewire the room.  

When the design team has put together all of your requests for how you want the video and sound systems to look at the completion of the Denver home cinema installation, and the budget meets with your approval, you can then give the go ahead to begin work on the Denver home cinema installation.  The installation team will go ahead and order the parts for the Denver home cinema systems that your design requires, and they should set it all up and test it at their offices prior to installing it into your home.  Wiring is done as a preliminary step in the Denver home cinema installation, and then the equipment is brought in and put into place.  More testing will ensue in order to make sure everything works properly and you have magnificent video and audio quality.

For more information, contact an installation service provider for more specific details on their design and installation process.

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What You Need to Know About the Downtown Aquarium Denver

Many sights are available in downtown Denver, Colorado. One that should not be missed is the Downtown Denver Aquarium. This aquarium is conveniently located in the central Denver area. One should be able to see this aquarium while visiting some of the other sights in the city. The aquarium offers over 1 million gallons of water. It also features a wide variety of aquatic life. It has special events for the holidays as well as events like birthday parties. This aquarium boasts a high interest rate among visitors and residents of the Denver metropolitan area alike. One visit to the aquarium will tell you why.

The museum is open most weekdays from 11 to 9 and on Friday from 11 to 10. It is also open on the weekends. This attraction also features a look at ecosystems from around the world. It has 500 animal species within the confines of the facility, a stingray touch tank, as well as activities especially for kids like the coconut tree climb, and face painting activities. A visitor to the aquarium will never run out of things to do, whether it is a visit to North America (an aquarium attraction) or the coral lagoon, or a tropical rainforest. These are just some of the amazing exhibits to be seen.

This aquarium also features workshops on conservation methods that can be used to preserve aquatic life. Another amazing feature that the aquarium boasts is the addition of a 4D theatre where one can see lifelike movies with ocean themes. The aquarium also has a restaurant on the premises with a full scale bar as well as other snack options. One will not go hungry on their visit.

It also features a fantastic aquarium store where one can purchase mementos of their trip. The aquarium is one of a package of attractions that one can get when they visit the downtown Denver area. Many people will find one visit is not enough, and will plan multiple adventures to the aquarium. It is definitively a must see event for those who visit the Rocky Mountain State. While in Denver make a visit to the aquarium on your list of must see activities.

There are parking garages located nearby the aquarium so it is easy for people to be able to visit and get back to their car safely. So, for proximity and ease of entry, the Denver Aquarium is one that many people can look forward to visiting and having a valuable and unique experience.


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Denver Parade of Lights and Why You Need to Go

            When you think of Denver at Christmas, you normally think about snowy and cold but beautiful mountains or ski trips. However, Denver has other nice Christmas events and one such event is the Denver Parade of Lights. This parade is sponsored by Denver news channel 9News and is held every December in downtown Denver.

You’ll see beautiful floats with sparkling lights and design props as well as themed balloons, marching bands, musicians and other fun characters. Attendance is free but if you’re not able to go to Denver during the holiday season, you can watch video clips of the Parade on You Tube and other Denver-based tourist websites. Another way to do this is to watch 9News’s live webcast of the parade on their website. This event attracts 350,000 visitors and one of the most anticipated floats is the Santa Claus float, in which he slides into street with toys and other goodies.

The Denver Parade of Lights is especially a good event for your children and here are some tips to make he event fun and safe for your children. First because younger children may sometimes get cranky or hungry at nighttime and since this parade is held at night, it’s always a good idea to make sure your children have a nap and their dinner a few hours before the parade starts.

Also have them use the bathroom before they leave so you won’t have to search for a decent public bathroom at places near the parade route. If you don’t feel like driving around downtown Denver for a good parking spot, you and your family can take the Denver Light Rail to the parade but if your younger children need a little nap before the parade starts, it’s best to go in the car. Also dress your children up in layers and bring some earmuffs, gloves, caps and rain gear in the event it rains during the parade because you’ll be outside for a few hours and you want to protect the little munchkins so they won’t get sick.

To avoid having to squeeze through the large crowd at the parade, you should leave at least one or two hours before the parade starts, especially if you live outside of the Denver area. Also tell your children to stay with you and not run off by themselves, and tell them that if they get lost they should alert the police so the police can find you. If your child has a cell phone he can call and tell you where he is so you can locate him.

One popular float in the Denver Parade of Lights is the Clock Tower. His float is covered in white and gold lights and it also includes neon colored-lights, black lights and chaser lights. The Clock Tower goes up to 20 feet high. The Ship of Lights is a float designed in the form of a ship with thousands of energy-saving LED lights while the Carousel float is a beautiful sight with evergreen and cuddly animals, green shrubs and flowers. The animals actually move up and down on the float.

The Christmas Story float features the story of Jesus Christ’s birth and the float is sponsored by local churches. The Nutcracker float includes people who are dressed like toy soldiers marching next to the float and the float looks like a big swan. The Mountain Magic float resembles Colorado’s beautiful snowy mountains in the winter and the Gingerbread House float has on it chocolate kisses, Lifesavers, and huge candy canes. The Toy Box Friends float has large building blocks, a rocking horse and bright yellow ducks.

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