Denver criminal defense

The consequences of a conviction could be severe

The ramifications for facing criminal charges could well be severe. Not only may one face a potentially hefty fine, but they may also face substantial time behind bars. A successful conviction means that you no longer have a right to your life, liberty, or property. It is thus in a person’s best interest to present a strong and meaningful defense.

Yet, the ramifications of criminal charges go far beyond merely what the police and state prosecutors can do. Often times, even unfounded allegations may lead to serious reputational harm. Someone who has thus been accused of a crime could have difficulty holding down a job, find their access to their own kids is heavily restricted, and that they have become an object of scorn in the community.

But by working with a Denver criminal defense attorney, it may be possible not only to secure a fair result but also to prevent unfounded allegations from affecting one’s personal life.

All are innocent until proven guilty

Many times, news reports about a particular incident are written from information provided by the police. Quite understandably, the police wish to present themselves in as favorable a light as possible, and the news report reflects this. Unfortunately, it also does a great disservice to the alleged suspect, who may not even be guilty of the alleged crimes.

A Denver criminal defense attorney can ensure that one’s right to a fair trial is not put in jeopardy because of inaccurate news stories. In any criminal trial, there is a process of jury selection during which the defense may remove a few jurors that it believes would be unfairly biased in the case at hand. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can spot such jurors and ensure that they are not ultimately chosen for the criminal trial.

The court system can be complicated

Colorado criminal law is an extensive subject covering many areas, and it is also quite complicated. The law is often written in a language and terminology that may seem utterly foreign to those not well-versed in it. But by working with a Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer, it is often possible to successfully navigate the law and obtain a fair result.

Moreover, the law contains many rules and procedures that govern the judicial system. Without a fair understanding of these rules and procedures, a criminal defendant may be put at a significant disadvantage, especially when facing prosecutors who will aggressively pursue the case. But, a Denver criminal defense attorney can help level the playing field.


The right Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer for your case may be tough to find. I highly recommend taking your time before settling on one.