Police Caught Him With A Human Brain And What He Used It For Is So Nuts

When it comes to guilty criminals, they're not necessarily expected to act logically. Even if you don't expect it, however, this kind of behavior can still come as a surprise when you read about it in the news. Take, for example, the case of 26-year-old Joshua Lee Long from Penn Township, Pennsylvania.

Earlier this summer, Long was arrested in connection with several burglaries in the area. Not long after his arrest, a neighbor watched a large number of police vehicles show up at Long’s vacant trailer home.

Before they left, the neighbor witnessed a detective remove a mysterious box from the property.



So what was in the secret box? Oh, just a stolen human brain labeled "Freddy."


</div> <p>According to police, the brain was found when Long's aunt was cleaning out his trailer. She then called him in prison to ask him about the brain and Long told her it was his. That's when she contacted the police.</p>
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</div> <h3>According to authorities, Long told them that he and a friend would squeeze the embalming fluid out of the brain and onto marijuana that they then smoked to get an intense high.</h3>


</div> <h3>Mixing marijuana with embalming fluid is surprisingly common. The chemicals in embalming fluid have been known to produce a variety of different reactions when smoked.</h3>
</div> <p>At the very least, the mixture prolongs your high. In more extreme cases, it can cause vivid hallucinations.</p> <p>(via <a href="https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/07/16/robbery-suspect-kept-stolen-brain-beneath-porch-and-used-it-to-get-high-police-say/" target="_blank">The Washington Post</a>)

Stealing a brain to help get you high…now that’s something I haven’t heard of before. Police say they believe the brain came from a researcher’s office of some kind. If you know anyone who is missing a brain, you can contact Penn Township police.

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