Sorry, liberals: The water in Flint is better than many cities in Penn.

From the way the MSM is covering the Flint water story, you’d think it was an isolated problem thanks to Michigan’s Republican governor. For example the tweet above from Michael Moore calling for the arrest of Gov. Rick Snyder and this one from the Natural Resources Defense Council:

But guess what? Lead in the water is a problem for many older cities and when you compare the actual lead measured in the blood of kids from Flint to kids in other cities, Flint comes out much, much better.

Check it out:

Vox went on to criticize these Democrat-run utopias for not disclosing data on lead exposure to the public even though they’re receiving taxpayer dollars to do so:

Vox reached out to the six cities currently receiving funding from the CDC Houston, Texas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago, and New York City. Of the six cities, only two were able to provide lead exposure data at the neighborhood level. The other four are getting money to monitor lead exposure but aren’t making the results easily accessible to the public.

Mother Jones is covering it too, reporting that Michigan’s water is even better than the U.S. as a whole:

So, when will the NRDC, Rachel Maddow, Michael Moore and every other liberal who tried to politicize this issue start to go after all the cities, mayors and governors regardless of party affiliation where they think this is an issue?

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