Tune up for Highlands Swallow Hill music classes

WEST HIGHLAND — This summer, tune up your guitar, ukulele, mandolin or fiddle and enroll in a class at Swallow Hill Music’s satellite school. Classes for all ages are held at Highlands United Methodist Church, 3131 Osceola St. The eight-week summer session kicks off June 26, and now is a good time to sign up. […]
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Neighbors support Packard’s Hill Historic District

“Every place becomes more like every other place, all adding up to no place.” — Jane Jacobs, “Death and Life of Great American Cities.” WEST HIGHLAND — A group of neighbors in West Highland are joining together to propose Denver’s 53rd historic district, Packard’s Hill. “In a world of sameness, people are drawn to unique […]
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Pushback on Packard’s Hill Historic District

WEST HIGHLAND — Plans to create Northwest Denver’s newest historic district, Packard’s Hill, are opposed by a group of residents in the proposed district, bordered by 32nd Ave. and 35th Ave., from the west side of Lowell Blvd. to Osceola St. Buildings originally constructed as commercial buildings are not included in the district. The Tribune […]

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