Tiny Homes Village brings big hope for homeless

RiNo — A tiny home can make a huge difference for a homeless person. For 14 Denver homeless individuals, the Beloved Community Village project will mean safety, stability and community. The project got a temporary zoning permit from the city to erect 11 tiny homes at 3733 Walnut St. in the RiNo neighborhood.  Organizers hope […]

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Nostalgic Homes presents the Jewels of Highland Home Tour

Basha Cohen | [email protected]

HIGHLANDS ­— Experience a look at Denver’s rich past with the return of the annual Jewels of Highland Home Tour, presented by Nostalgic Homes. Tour guests will experience historic homes never before open to the public. The home voyeurs paradise is on Saturday, October 1 from Noon to  4 pm.
The 2016 Tour features eight Vintage Grand Dames in the Potter Highlands neighborhood of NW Denver. Come see Queen Anne Victorians, Denver Squares, Craftsman Bungalows and experience a “Hard-Hat” tour of the current progress of the Historic Italianate, The Bosler House, that has been a constant source of press and intrigue in Highland Park. In addition, this year’s tour will include a tour of North High School’s landmark 1911 building led by one of the architects who worked on the $ 35 million 2010-11 renovation.
As an added bonus, aside from the history and grandeur of the homes, a celebration of life tribute to one of our own local treasures, and North High’s ultimate mascot, Wally Ginn (who passed away on August 21, 2016), will precede the tour at North from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Start your Jewels of Highland home tour with a tour of the heart and mind of a man who played a gigantic role in the face of North Denver. The celebration will be held at North High School, offering a perfect segue into picking up your tickets and touring the school before you hit the Highlands in search of the past that informs our present.
Tickets are $ 25 and $ 20 for seniors in advance, $ 30 day of tour. Tour check-in on tour day – October 1st is at North High School. Please visit www.jewelsofhighlands.com for more information or to purchase tickets. They are also available at Nostalgic Homes at 32nd & Newton in Highland Square. 100% of the tour proceeds benefit Skinner Middle School, a Denver Public School serving Northwest Denver students since 1922.
Here’s a Snap Shot of this year’s Jewels of Highlands Home Tour
3701 Eliot – Grand 2 Story Bungalow in Historic Potter Highlands
2453 W. 35th – Extraordinary Victorian with Outstanding Addition
3349 Decatur – 3 Story Red Brick Queen Anne Victorian with Turret In Historic Potter Highlands – special bonus see the Tremendous Urban Garden!
3361 Decatur – Quintessential 3 Story Victorian In Historic Potter Highlands
2555 W. 34th Ave – Handsome 2 Story Denver Square on Corner Lot In Potter Highlands
3353 Bryant – Splendid Red Brick 2 Story Victorian Decorated In High Style in Potter Highlands
3060 W. 32nd Ave – Regal Denver Square, On Highland Park
3209 W. Fairview Place – The Bosler Mansion, “Hard Hat Tour” Come see the remarkable in progress renovation of this Italianate on Highland Park!

The post Nostalgic Homes presents the Jewels of Highland Home Tour appeared first on North Denver Tribune.

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Denver Neighborhood Profile: Baker Homes

If you are looking for a Denver-area home to invest in in the near future, you might want to include Baker homes in your home search. Baker is an appealing and diverse neighborhood that is one of the most historical communities in the Denver area.

Denver’s Baker community has a long history with roots going back to the 1870s. The neighborhood played a large role in Denver’s history. It was home to several Denver mayors and grew from commercial and industrial growth around South Broadway. Today, Baker is an urban neighborhood with a diverse population.

Most Baker homes were built by 1900, so they are now well over a century old. However, don’t let the age of the homes trick you, since most of the properties have been extensively renovated and remodeled so they are as good as new.

Starting in the $ 200s and going over the half million mark, Baker homes are affordable compared to nearby Denver communities , including Washington Park. Baker homes have been a solid investment over the past few years, since they have posted gains while many Denver homes have suffered price declines. There are many architectural styles in the Baker neighborhood, including a large number of Queen Annes and Victorians.

The Baker neighborhood is bounded by West 6th Avenue to the north, Broadway Street to the east, West Mississippi Avenue to the south, and the South Platte River to the west. This desirable location is hard to beat for homebuyers needing to be close to downtown Denver, but are looking for a charming neighborhood.

Baker has a great location that is a short bike ride to many of Denver’s hottest spots; including the Cherry Creek shopping district, the Pepsi Center, and to downtown Denver’s many restaurants, cultural attractions, sport venues, and shops. There is a light rail station near Alameda and Broadway that is very convenient for residents commuting to downtown or to the Denver Tech Center. The neighborhood is only a stone’s throw away from South Broadway’s chic shops and restaurants, known as SoBo. Sobo is home to many trendy art galleries, a vibrant nightlife, and it is home to the Mayan, a well-known movie theater. The Baker neighborhood is close to Antique Row, which showcases 18 blocks of antique dealers, restaurants and galleries.

Please consult with a local Denver real estate agent prior to beginning any home search. He or she will guide you in finding the best neighborhood for you and your family. We wish you good luck in your real estate search.

Visit our website for information on Baker homes.

Preparing Denver Homes For Sale

Before selling a Property, it is essential which a seller does a high-quality homework. In order to create a House look attractive to a potential purchaser, it is imperative for a seller to prepare it well. Before listing a Home in a respective web page in the category of Denver Homes for sale, the Property of the seller needs to be decked up to stand out from its competitors.

To invest the Residence with a saleable factor, a seller could take the support of a professional designer to spruce it up. A seller should not spend more, but try to present his House an attractive look well within his means. If anyone selling a House takes the decision to hire a professional stager, then he might make a Home appear desirable to the prospective buyers. A profession stager will organize in a One of a kind way where plants, different pieces of art, exclusive furniture will be put to usage in different. This is one of the most successful steps to prepare Denver Homes for sale.

Thoroughly lookup your house before you fix a date with the future buyers. Is there anything in your house that needs a correct? In case you locate something then Get it fixed as early as possible. The damage might be small, but remember which the consumers are always skeptic. They would like the house to be perfect and only then they will think about procuring it. If a Property features any damage, it gives an impression to the consumer that maintenance has not been done properly. Therefore, it may affect the buying decision or your Property value may be decreased. It means, the Denver Homes for sale must appear fantastic during the purchasers take a look at.

Access a real estate agent to Obtain some effective advices on the Denver Homes for sale. These are the professional experts and they may provide experienced guidance on How to prepare your house. A real estate professional could inform you about all the legal aspects which want to be performed for selling your house. Moreover, the professional will represent you in the entire process and advise you with the negotiations on the offers and preparations of counter offers. He/she will help you even after you successfully sell your house. There are several legalities like transfer of ownership, which real estate agent will handle and settle all the challenges with the consumer.

Selling a house is a long approach and we might help you to understand every intricate attribute of the practice. For any service, advice or information regarding Denver Homes for sale, we could support. In case you are Looking for Denver Homes you have come to the Proper place.

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Staging Denver Homes For Sale

All of you must have heard a lot about staging Denver Homes for sale. But when it comes to a detailed evaluation of staging, none of us knows Exactly How to do it. In fact, real estate investors, who believe themselves to be quasi-moguls, fall silent when it comes to talking about Precisely How staging works, or How to go about it. In actuality, staging means creation of the miniature model of a Property to showcase, and in numerous cases, enhance its appeal and features to reach one goal, i.e., selling the house at the top cost within the least length of time. It may be as simple as laying the table for the breakfast, or decorating the house with costly paintings, lavish showpieces, etc.

Staging is known to aid selling of prolific and deluxe Denver Homes for sale. Denver Homes which are mediocre with nothing fascinating to flaunt, except for its simple construction, expedient Scheduling and convenient location, are not believed to gain a lot from this sort of advertising. Nonetheless, irrespective of all thoughts and conceptions, it has been seen that Denver Homes of any Type and price tag Get equally benefited from staging. With professional stagers, they manage to create a certain style of positive energy in every site to accentuate the superior features and underplay the lousy ones. They could literally influence the feeling of a certain buyer, as he/she walks into the rooms. Potential purchasers create their selection within The very first 2 minutes of beholding, and spend six minutes averagely), to appear at it.

Most purchasers fail to envision fully furnished Denver Homes for sale, hence, they cannot visualize the way the Denver Homes feel and look. Staging aids in generating the buyers feel the way it is to live in such houses. An in-Home consultant might help you figure out the way in which the Home will exhibit all its positive features. Together, you might decide the suitable dcor and furniture for the rooms. The designer will execute the designing, once agreed upon. He will deliver the custom selected adornments and furniture, set them up and install them, for you. To generate exposure and foot traffic to the premise, the company could hold liquidation sale, upon the wish of the owner. The sold items will be replaced within The very first hours, every Monday morning.

When you are searching for Denver Homes for sale in a certain locality, then call us. We sell all sorts of houses. In case you are Browsing for Denver Homes you have come to the Proper place.

Luxury Denver Homes For Sale

The practice of Property Buying being complicated, staying conscious of the tribulations to be undergone while doing so, will support in simplification of the process. You should be informed regarding the numerous steps while hunting out for luxurious Denver Homes for sale. Get yourself prepared beforehand, for effective shopping of real estate Properties. To justify the investment of your lifetime, you need to generate a invest in that speaks for itself. Hence, first establish your desire and your possible funding for it. Next, hire the solutions of gurus and engage them in running hands-on investigation concerning the Property, before you fully make up your mind.

The very first thing you should know, while hunting for the wonderful buy among luxurious Denver Homes for sale is the high quality you want in it. produce a list of the features in such a plush House, that you appreciate most. This might be little difficult to sort out as your mind will be little productive, if asked when it is blank. Hence, start with asking yourself thoughts like the number of rooms you desire, amount of bathrooms, bedroom, balconies, proximity to water, geographical location, No matter whether you desire next door neighbors or not, etc.

The next step is to lay out a budget that will allow you to maintain your other Payments as comfortably as now. Ascertain which even, financial deterioration allows you to run the Property for the next ten years, like you run now. While determining your budget, do not pass-up out on the other Prices, which will be recurring in nature, like up keeping, lawn care, taxes, insurance, repairs, etc. After jotting down the main things, Find an appointment with an agent who will take you on an exploration Through several Denver Homes for sale. If, you really do not would like to spend on agents commission, then seek the assistance of a friend who owns a luxurious Home. Take the qualified opinions of knowledgeable men and women.

For quicker obtain to better options of Denver Homes for sale, you could browse Through the world-wide-web. Search out the names of reputed agents who specialize in luxurious Denver Homes. Try to find out local agents who have valid license and registration and clean bills of past history. These agents are very helpful in supplying invaluable information regarding likeable premises in different locations.

In case you would like to check out a wide number of luxurious Denver Homes for sale, then visit us. We have all sorts of expensive and non-costly premises. When you are Searching for Denver Homes you have come to the Correct place.

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