If You’re Sitting Around This Guy, You Might End Up On The Internet. But It’s Pretty Awesome.

There are works of art that exist outside of what hangs on walls inside museums. For example, these simple works of Tokyo-based illustrator Hama-House. When he isn’t working, he likes to create speed sketches of everyday situations… and the resulting drawings are fantastic.

From people talking at a nearby table…

To an exhausted commuter taking a quick nap…

Hama-House is able to create perfect speed doodles of everyday situations.

He makes the mundane look amazing.

Although they are simplistic, it would be so hard for someone else to recreate them.

Somehow, these elaborate sketches make getting coffee or taking a nap on a train seem so much cooler. They are both simple and complicated, and contain so much emotion for something with such normal subjects. To see more of this awesome doodle work, check out his Instagram account. Source: Hama-House These are the kinds of artwork I would love to hang in my own house.

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