Americans taken hostage in Iraq exposes Obama’s ‘hope as foreign policy’

It turns out that the State Department knew of a kidnap threatfrom “an Iran-backed Shiite militia” that was trying to abduct Americans working in Iraq, but hoped that our new peace-partner Iran would do something to keep that from happening.

Key word is “hoped,” as in that was the actual strategy to prevent it from happening:

Wow. “Hope” is literally America’s foreign policy now:

The Washington Post reported that the Americans were abducted while visiting a known brothel, but that’s not been confirmed:

The search continues:

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How Islamic law can take on ISIS

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im, Emory University
The media coverage of the terrorist atrocities of Friday November 13 in Paris would seem to promote an almost mythical image of the Islamic State (ISIS). What humanity needs, however, is to demystify ISIS as a criminal organization. And that need… #AliKhamenei, #ArmyOfTheGuardiansOfTheIslamicRevolution, #AssemblyOfExperts, #Iran, #IslamicRepublic, #RuhollahKhomeini, #SupremeLeaderOfIran

#Trump under fire for not defending Obama


AFP is covering the newest Trumpoversy. Democratic presidential candidates joined the White House in slamming Donald Trump Friday for failing to challenge a questioner who wrongly claimed President Barack Obama was a Muslim and not a US citizen.

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