Diebolt Brewing celebrates it’s third anniversary

Kelli Schermerhorn[email protected]

SUNNY SIDE — Diebolt Brewing celebrated its third anniversary the weekend of Sept. 17, and I was lucky enough to join in the festivities, along with some friends.  Back in 2013, Diebolt graced the Sunnyside neighborhood with its presence and gave us locals a very cool place to drink great beer and connect as a community.  I will admit, I am biased towards Diebolt.  It’s the closest brewery to my house and the beers are stellar.  I am happy to see them succeed and I fully advocate that you pay a visit yourself!

I drank some old favorites and some special releases brewed just for the occasion.  I started with the Greenback IPA, a 4.9% ABV, 75 IBU beer, and great for session drinking. I am super down with session IPA’s.  I am a busy adult with many important things to do, and if I get the chance to day drink, I need to do it with a sense of responsibility.

I moved from here to the crisp Mariposa Pale Ale (6.0% ABV, 39 IBU) named after the street that Diebolt calls home.  An American Pale Ale, this beer balanced a caramel malt flavor with a nice piney hop backbone.

The Sunnyside American Wheat, named after my favorite hood, was next, at a sensible 4.9% ABV and 16 IBU.  This was a little less “wheaty” than most wheats, meaning it was a bit more crisp – exactly what I’d prefer in a wheat beer.  Again, I love the moderate ABV beers for the sheer fact that you can try MORE of them.

Wiggy Wiggy was my favorite.  It was literally magenta colored.  The flavor was that of a light saison, with just a touch of sweetness from the wildflower honey.  Such a lovely beer!

My husband tried the Wethers Weizenbock (7.7% ABV, 24 IBU).  It had all the enjoyable yeast esters typical in a bock beer and sported a lovely auburn color.  Diebolt does a top-notch job with brown beers (In fact, they won a GABF medal for their Braggart’s Brown), so check this one out if you see it out and about.

Bluebarb – A blueberry Rhubarb Grisette, at 4.7% AVB and 25 IBU, was a fruity, tangy treat specially released for the party.  Next time!

Magdelena came next, an imperial IPA, at 8.2% ABV and 70 IBU. Very well balanced, a strong, fruity hop aroma flavor in a great big beer.

Diebolt is a great place for a low-key beer with friends.  Bonus: the ping pong table in the back brings out your competitive side!

Diebolt Brewing | 3855 Mariposa St. | Denver CO 80211


The 35th Great American Beer Fest, an annual three-day beer fest of EPIC proportions.  This year, there are 800 breweries in attendance, so it’s not physically possible to try them all.  North Denver has a strong representation at the festival, but if you’re going, here are my top ten breweries from outside of North Denver that might tickle your fancy:

  1. Bell’s Brewery – Comstock, Michigan. Bell’s Two-Hearted has a cult following because of its lack of availability in the Denver market. A simple, straightforward, solid brewery.
  2. La Cumbre Brewing – Albuquerque NM. Home of my favorite beer, Elevated IPA, and its literally dope big brother, Project Dank… a must try.
  3. Grimm Bros – Loveland, CO. Grimm Bros brews solid, fantastic German-style beers.
  4. Lickinghole Creek Brewing – Goochland, VA. I will admit, that I first tried this brewery due to its name, but they pour out some consistent goodness… so check em’ out.
  5. Melvin –Jackson, WY / Alpine, WY. Somewhat new on the Denver scene, brewing up some hoppy goodness.
  6. New Glarus – New Glarus, WI. Worth the hype. It’s ok to be annoyed by the cult status of this beer, and the length of the line… but you ought to try it, especially their fruit beer offerings.
  7. Surly – St. Paul, MN. Another great upper Midwest treasure… Furious is the real deal.
  8. Weyerbacher – Easton, PA. Bold beers. Worth a look see.
  9. Wind River Brewing – Pinedale, WY. I am going to say it, and it won’t be popular, but Wind River cooks up some solid brews from the least populated state in the nation.
  10. Verboten – Loveland, CO. Snubbing its nose at Reinheitsgebot (the German purity law), Verboten makes off-the-beaten-path beers that are tasty and original.


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