Demands of campus protesters lead James Woods to a ‘terrifying moment’ of discovery

We’ve heard plenty about “safe spaces” lately thanks to campus protesters, and James Woods noticed that we’ve reached a crucial intersection:

As the parody article from July proves, reality and The Onion have crossed the streams:

RIP, satire.

Scary, isn’t it?

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Backfire: Obama’s gun control lecturing convinces James Woods to take action

James Woods’ announcement following President Obama’s fact-challenged address from the Oval Office last night will definitely not earn a positive headline from the New York Daily News:

The president has convinced yet another American to take action!

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James Woods warns against ‘quiet erosion of individual liberty’

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens was interviewed by USA Today, and the liberal former judge believes the Constitution needs some serious amending:

His main focus is on a half-dozen issues that he believes have been wrongly decided or avoided — issues that can best be addressed by altering a document that’s been amended only 18 times in history, and just once since he joined the court in 1975.

“It’s certainly not easy to get the Constitution amended, and perhaps that’s one flaw in the Constitution that I don’t mention in the book,” he said during a wide-ranging interview with USA TODAY in his chambers at the court. Noting his book’s half dozen proposed amendments, he mused, “Maybe I should have had seven.”

Stevens, 94, proposes several changes to the Constitution. Among them, a clarification that the 2nd Amendment only applies to state militias, and that ordinary citizens do not possess the right to bear arms.

Actor James Woods sees Stevens’ proposals as another salvo against individual liberty:

Some who replied to Woods were sarcastically surprised Stevens would have taken an oath to support and defend a Constitution that he apparently believes has quite a few flaws, one of which is that it’s just too darned difficult to alter:

Stevens was the third-longest serving justice in U.S. history, USA Today noted.

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Brutal! James Woods thinks Obama is ‘Mt. Rushmore level’ and we agree [pic]

He really is. Actor James Woods took to Twitter for some more truth-telling.


Fox News’ Brit Hume recently saw a similar bright side to Obama’s laser-like focus on teeing off.

Woods wasn’t quite finished yet, though.

Ouch! We agree too.

Fellow actor and truth teller Adam Baldwin brought it home with an idea for where Obama could fit on Rushmore:!/AdamBaldwin/status/503584221202759680


‘Crack team!’ Brit Hume finds bright side to Obama’s laser-like focus on golf with one brutal question

Twitchy coverage of actor James Woods

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