One Woman’s Powerful Story Will Inspire You To Treat Your Body Right

                                            <b>Fat is not a feeling.</b>                                                            

1. Caroline Rothstein is an amazing writer, spoken word performer, and body empowerment activist. This is her story.

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3. At a young age, Rothstein became self-conscious of her body.

4. “I remember standing at the bar in ballet class, looking in the mirror and comparing my body to everyone else’s.”

5. She began to use food to cope with her emotional anxieties and subsequently struggled with an eating disorder for a full decade.

6. After years of abuse, she had an important epiphany:


7. “Everyone only gets one body in their lifetime. I knew I had to start treating mine differently,” she realized. From that day forward, she resolved to love her body for the rest of her life.

8. Recovery is hard and, “like peeling layers from an onion.”

9. As she began to seek a healthier way to deal with her emotions, Rothstein realized that the world tells bodies not to love themselves through all kinds of oppressions.

10. But loving your body is still a choice. And even though Rothstein chooses to loves her body, there are still moments that are difficult.

11. “Sometimes I feel fat. And when I think I feel fat, I remember that fat is not a feeling.”

12. So when you feel body dissatisfaction, remember that it’s not a real feeling.

13. Your body is a miracle.

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