Denver Prepared for Winter Storm

DENVER ­— With snow in the forecast for Denver the next few days along with very cold temperatures, the city is calling out its fleet of large snow plows and smaller residential plows to respond to the storm.  Both teams will be ready to deploy today when snow starts to accumulate, with large plows focusing on the main streets and small plows on the side streets.

This week’s deployment of the residential plows marks a change in the city’s residential plow program. Starting in 2017, deployment of the small plows will be considered when six (6) or more inches of snow are in the forecast, rather than twelve inches or more of snow.

“We’ve called out the residential plows in the past when faced with very large snowstorms,” said Jose Cornejo, Executive Director of Denver Public Works. “This year, we are transitioning the program into one that will be helpful to residents on more occasions throughout the winter season.”

Denver’s residential plow program was initially developed as an emergency response program following the blizzards of 2006-07. The plows have been deployed about a dozen times since then to help residents get out of their neighborhoods and onto the main streets after major storms.

The city will continue to utilize Denver Public Works and Denver Parks and Recreation employees to operate the smaller, residential plows. Under the new criteria, the city expects to deploy the residential plows in a timelier fashion and stay ahead of the deeper snow accumulations that come with moderate to severe snow events.

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