‘Grow the hell up’: Brace yourselves! Looks like Sally Kohn’s ‘having an episode’

Earlier today, the Senate uphelddue process by rejecting a bill that would prevent so-called “suspected terrorists” from purchasing guns.

Let’s just say Sally Kohn’s not taking it very well:


What else is new?

That’s a pretty tall order …


Disgraceful is as Sally does.

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Charlie Rangel is concerned about Republicans and slavery

Yet another Democrat is channelling his inner Biden. Charlie Rangel, speaking at a campaign event for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo he made some characteristically inane comments about Republicans.

Why? Because they think you should pay your taxes?

Have you noticed that Democrats accusing Republicans of racism and bigotry never name anyone specifically? Why is that?

Sure it is. When you win an election you can get away with all sorts of things that the little people can’t.

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Colorado Libertarian registrations outpace Republicans and Democrats

DENVER — The October 2016 Voter Registration statistics have been released, the number of registered Libertarians in the State of Colorado grew over 26% since January 2016. In contrast, the Republicans only grew by 4.25%, and the Democrats only grew by 7.09%. State Chair Jay North commented: As the fail rate of government intervention has become obvious with the realization that the country cannot continue along this path, people are starting to look at new solutions, and the common sense pro-individual, pro-freedom stance of the Libertarian Party has struck a nerve. The fact that the old parties have nominated two of the most disliked candidates in American history has certainly helped. The system is broken. Liberty is the answer. The Libertarian Party of Colorado welcomes all persons from all backgrounds who now accept the Libertarian principles of self-ownership and non-aggression.

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