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Denver, the highly populated city of Colorado meets many accidents on its roadways like car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident etc.Some of the injury are sudden happens like slip and fall injury such as bone injury or bone breakdown, hand injury or leg injury. Peoples face many problems due to the slip and fall. Most accident occurs due to negligence of premises liability. This type of accident occur at any time, any place and bring a social as well as legal problems along with and require a legal help. We Denver Slip and Fall Attorney at the lawfather firm help to review the circumstances of the accident and help to get the relief you deserve.

Each year many slip-and-fall accidents occur in Denver and throughout Colorado due to icy winter conditions. Snow, ice, and slick surfaces can cause many injuries like head, neck, shoulder, and back. Some of these injuries may seem minor at first, a large majority of them can lead to chronic pain and disabilities if not treated properly.

In the year September, 2010 7news reported that the Denver City Council unanimously agreed to pay $ 68,500 to a Denver woman injured during a slip and fall accident which occurred on an icy sidewalk at the city-owned Wellshire Golf Course in November 2008. According to the Denver womans lawsuit, she had just entered the city-owned facility to play a round of golf with some friends when she slipped and fell on a patch of black ice on the walkway outside the pro shop, seriously injuring her shoulder. She contended that Denver had failed to properly remove the ice which had resulted from snow several days earlier, thus creating a slippery hazard.

Anyone who faced these types of accident will have to go through a lot of process and need a Denver Slip and Fall Attorney for the help to get the possible compensation for him. We at the lawfather firm have many experienced lawyer handling these cases for long time. This type of accident basically effect on health and create mental disturbances. We examine the validity of the claim for getting the fair compensation which is needed for the medical and other expenses.

If you or anyone in your family has been hurt by slipping and falling in Denver or through out the Colorado, contact us for free consultation and to get the right justice for you.

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