This Is Exactly Why You Should Never Celebrate A Victory Too Early

Celebrating a victory is a very normal thing to do. You won the game, and you should be proud of yourself! Once the game is over and you’ve secured your victory, feel free to party and celebrate all you want.

But make sure that the game is over. If you get caught celebrating a victory too early, well…something like this will most likely happen.


Next time you are thinking of showing a little hubris, remember these boys. They thought they had the game all wrapped up, but alas, they did not. What a sick shot!

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This Is What Happens When A Mom Takes Lessons From A Pro Skateboarder

                                            <b>Mom of three Jennifer Latch had never been on a skateboard until pro-skater Aaron Kyro agreed to give her a lesson.</b>                                                          

1. When Jennifer Latch decided that she wanted to learn how to skateboard she wasn’t going to let being a mom of three stop her.

Latch tracked down pro skateboarder (and YouTuber) Aaron Kyro and convinced him to teach her how to ride.

2. The two met up near San Francisco’s Civic Center, where Jennifer made a determined student. / Via Braille Skateboarding

3. She took her lumps, but she took ‘em like a mom. / Via Braille Skateboarding

4. “I am raising three girls” Latch told BuzzFeed Life. “I want to show them it’s ok to push gender boundaries. I want to show them it’s ok to put yourself out there and to continue to stay active.” / Via Braille Skateboarding

She continued; “It’s important to take time for self-exploration and personal growth. Learning to ollie is a start.”

5. You can follow Jennifer’s adventures in skateboarding HERE, and learn more of Aaron’s tips and tricks on his YouTube channel. / Via Jennifer Latch

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Famous Sports Teams in Denver

Every year, more than six million fans attend the games of their favorite teams in different sports venues. Denver, Colorado has some of the newly built sports venues in the US. These sports venues include Coors Field, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Invesco Field at Mile High, and the Pepsi Center.

These new sports venues are located in Downtown Denver. Sports enthusiasts visit them annually during summer as sports events reach their peak during this time. It comes to no surprise that Denver is now considered as “sports city” in the United Sates. It is one of the 13 US cities with teams in the four major American sports namely: baseball, football, soccer, and basketball. Other famous sports in Denver include rugby, lacrosse, and hockey.

The Colorado Rockies are the state’s national team for baseball. The team first played in 1993. This major league baseball team currently resides at Coors Field, a park owned by Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado. The Rockies hosted the 2007 Major League Baseball’s (MLB) World Series. The team reached the playoffs in 2009 with the help of their pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez.

If you are a football fan, make sure you don’t miss a Denver Broncos game. They play at Invesco Field at Mile High. This team has been playing for more than 50 years. The Denver Broncos are a formidable team; they have won two Super Bowl titles and six American Football Championship (AFC) games. Invesco Field at Mile High is also a sports center in denver where the Denver Outlaws plays. The Outlaws are Denver’s official lacrosse team.

Soccer fans usually gather every year at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, a sports center in denver where they can watch their favorite team, the Colorado Rapids. The team was formed in 1995 and played their first game in 1996. They made it all the way to the Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup finals in 1997. Dick’s Sporting Goods Park became their playing ground when it opened in 2007. This park is considered as the largest field complex in the world.

The Denver Nuggets, on the other hand, are a professional basketball team. They are known as a powerhouse basketball team. During the 1981-1982 season, the Nuggets were able to set a record by scoring more than 100 points per game in 136 consecutive games. The team currently plays at the Pepsi Center, a sports center in denver with a 19,000 seating capacity.

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