Bow chicka eww eww: ‘Today’ show co-host’s ‘porn stache’ horrifies [pics]!/ryan_a_jones/status/407510276112936960
What fresh hell is this?!/TODAYshow/status/407507864966529024
Oh no. No shave fail! Last week, viewers pointed out what the mustached Geist looked like:!/CAEMSeastrom/status/407523615601483776!/dicknjane812/status/407512908776886273!/NorseGod1974/status/407509930854199297!/LoriandJeff/status/407507756363821058
Too funny? Or too horrifying? You decide:!/WillieGeist/status/407549615467413504
Oh, Mr. Geist. Put the Twitter down and the Ron Jeremy references away. Please.

The image of Geist continues to strike horror in the hearts of men (and women).!/CalebHowe/status/409723939871404032
Will the nightmare end?!/christiana7876/status/407852395407101952!/LisaDeP/status/409724266222194688
Whew! What a relief.

Where did it go?!/CalebHowe/status/409736946382954496


Umm … ‘Today’ show’s Natalie Morales said what about Kim Kardashian’s ‘sperm grip’? 

Have mercy! John Stamos on ‘Today’ show; Al Roker posts fantasy TMI? [pics, Vine]

The trauma continues! Worst part of Al Roker, Matt Lauer on-air prostate exams? [pic]

‘When I think morning news, I think anal probe!’ WTH did Matt Lauer, Al Roker do? [pics, unfortunately]

‘He’s got cleavage’: Why, Matt Lauer, WHY? [freaky ‘NSFW’ Halloween pics]

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