Colorado Cider is doing some lovely things with apples

VALVERDE — I am at my best when the weather gets cooler.  Sure, you get short days, but in return, you are rewarded with bracing, chilly solitude. This year has been the exception to the rule: we have hardly had a touch of true fall weather.

There’s a beverage designed for this time of year.  It’s cider. When the whole world is going gaga for pumpkin spice, I will turn to cider, any day. Apples are my real fruit love, and while they arguably do not belong in beer, they have a higher calling: Cider.

My curiosity about Colorado Cider was sparked when I tried their tasty brews at a recent festival.  I looked on their website, a lo, a real cidery!  They’ve planted trees on Colorado’s Western Slope and this year gave them their first harvest so look for a specialty cider “Block One” in late Spring of 2017.

On our recent visit, we tried the whole gamut, starting with the traditional: Glider Cider.

Glider comes in at 6.5% ABV and is spicy, lightly acidic, clean and light. 

Glider Dry still clocks in at 6.5% ABV and is decidedly less spicy and more apple forward.  I love dry ciders, and I found this quite tasty.

The Rad’lah was next, 6.9% ABV. Super herbaceous, this tasted minty and clean like lemon balm, with a smack of lemongrass. 

My husband really enjoyed the Pearsnickity.  At 6% ABV, this was dry, lightly sweet, and tasted like “crushed pears and fresh rain.”  Sidenote: this is among the reasons I married the guy!

The Cherry Glider (again, 6.5% ABV) was next and arrived pale pink and rosy.  You could taste the light almond from the cherry pits.

Grasshop-ah was next, again a light lemongrass and a hint of hops.

The Pome Mel (6.5% ABV) was amazing.  Not too sweet, it has a flavor like rosemary and lavender. The color was paler than the traditional Glider.  I liked this one a lot.

Ol’ Stumpy, (6.5%) was made with bittersweet cider apples and aged in a chardonnay barrel.  The Chardonnay imparted a nice buttery kick to the apples.

Now, the experimental ciders:

The Uuvana was fabulous. At 6.9%ABV, it was a bit higher, but the drink was clear, bright and slightly tannic like grape skins.  A great marriage!

The Bear Mel was next, at 6.5% ABV.  I liked this one, while my husband found it to be too sweet.

The Pipzarro (6%) was aged in rum barrels.   This was such a tasty cider that I took some home.  I’d never even considered rum and cider, but on balance, everything worked together pretty darn well.

The Rotating Tap was the Glider, with FRESH Colorado Cascade hops.  I loved this.  The cider itself was slightly cloudy from the hops, but the flavor and aroma were game changers.  I hope it’s there when you show up because it is GOOD.

The Fluchtling was made with Newtown Pippen apples and fermented with Berliner Weisse yeast.  You could taste the apples, along with the lactic tang of the yeast. 

I can’t wait for their crop of apples to come in, according to their website, the first batch will be ready in Spring 2017!  I highly recommend a visit to their website to check out the photos of their orchard.  It’s like a mini-vacation.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Colorado Cider.  The people were friendly, the music was great, and there was a little spotty cattle dog wandering around the place.  I have but two pieces of constructive criticism: Colorado Cider needs a sign on the sidewalk because it’s in a super industrial location.  They may also consider turning up their heat just a touch because it was chilly!

Colorado Cider
2650 W. 2nd Ave #10 | Denver, CO 80219

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Fun Things to Do in Denver this summer

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Story Time – The Denver Public Library, Jeffereson County Public Library and Boulder Public Library all host a story time throughout the summer. Story time is great for younger children, since it helps fill the education gap. If your child is struggling with reading, or if they just have a passion for reading, many libraries hold a separate Summer Reading Program.

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Wings Over the Rockies Aircraft & Space Museum – Another great summertime activity for children, especially boys, is the flight museum located in the east side of Denver, in a WWII-era Hangar. Not only can your son enjoy the exhibits, but on the second Saturday of each month from 10-2pm they host “Cockpit demo days” where your child can get an inside look into the planes.

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School bus rental Denver: Things You Should Know

School buses still remain among the most high demand form of buses being rented today. The reason for this is because they are proven to be relatively safe and comfortable for day trips with adults and students. Many rental buses are created similar to the traditional school bus however, they are not painted yellow. This is one of the major differences between school buses and other bus rentals. If you are looking into school bus rental Denver for an upcoming field trip or social even below you will find some tips on how to get the most for your money.

It is important to know the amount of children you will need to seat. School buses are created in different sizes so you want to know how many you have to accommodate. The more accurate your count the more you will save. Prior to signing any contracts for a bus rental Denver, you want to make sure you know the accurate amount. Some schools make the mistake of renting a larger bus than necessary and spend more money than they need. Try finding a company that will let you change the bus size if you are well off your estimate.
It is important to know where you’re going on your trip. You want to try and map out the most logical way to get to your destination and consider the amount of miles you will be traveling. When you go and speak to someone about bus rental Denver, you want to already have alternate routes for the driver to take that will cut down on the mileage and generally the expense for gas. You also want to make sure that you’re picking everyone up from a central location. The more starts and stops the driver has to make, the more it’s going to come out of your pocket.
Many schools are unaware that a bus company can charge you more money for cleaning up. When you go and get a car rental you are responsible for returning it in the same shape that you took it in. You should have the same mentality with your bus rental Denver. Assign a few students to do a quick run through of the bus and clean up any mess that may have gotten left behind. Not only is it thoughtful to return the bus in a good and clean condition, it also leaves a great impression of your school and students. It’s an embarrassing thing to return a filthy bus as they may not want to do business with you again.  
Last but not least, to cut down on the drama and chaos that happens on field trips for younger children you want to make sure that you have enough staff on hand to help out. While the bus drivers are trained to drive in these sorts of conditions, you don’t want to make their atmosphere uncomfortable. Having enough help on board can also cut down on the amount of junk that is left behind on the bus.

These tips and more will help you cut down on costs as well as keep a good reputation when you decide to get a bus rental Denver area.

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