For a Good Time, View the Videos!

NORTH DENVER — We’ve noticed that the video section on our website is suffering from neglect. Not that we haven’t posted some interesting stuff there, but we haven’t told anyone.

The latest video is the USAF Band WWII Holiday Flashback; it’s a real production and just plain fun, perfect for the holidays. There’s a video about the Electorial College, regardless of your position, you’ll be armed with the knowledge that led to its place in the election of our president. Next up is Denveright, all about your involvement, asking residents to help shape a Denver of tomorrow that is even better than the Denver of today. And we have local, and I mean local, North Denver’s celebrity chef Frank Bonanno and his collaboration with DaVita Eats where he shares his expertise in the kitchen.

There is a couple more, but I’ll let you discover those on your own. If you run across something you would like to share, send us a comment. We’re always listening.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Tribune.

See for yourself:

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The time has come. Vote NOW!

DENVER — The run-up to November 8 has left its indelible mark with everyone from trick-or-treaters to marketeers who are planting their tongues firmly in cheek, and holding their breath simultaneously.

Whatever the outcome, we all have the responsibility to vote. In this election, more than any in history your vote will help define the future. Former Colorado Senator and Auditor Dennis Gallagher said recently, “If you can’t vote at the top, vote for those below.” Good advice from a man who knows a thing or two about politics. or to find your nearest ballot drop off location and polling center; for questions or more information call 1-866-OUR-VOTE

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Spending Time At Parks In Denver

The city and county of Denver in Colorado is one of the must-visit places in the southwestern United States, due to its numerous attractions such as state parks and recreation centers. Residents of Denver take leisure and recreation very seriously that they allot and spend time on public or private parks. The parks in Denver are among the most highly developed and well-maintained parks across the Continent.

One of the most popular parks in Denver is the City Park, which resembles the world-famous Hyde Park in London, United Kingdom. Some of the featured attractions at City Park are the Museum of Nature and Science, a zoo, a golf course, and a lake. This is a relatively large park that takes a whole day to be enjoyed staying at.

During the winter season, everything is turned upside down. Someone has to bring more than just a pair of sweater since winter at Colorado is quite cold. However, winter times at Colorado are ideal for skiing and other activities done in the snow. There are various winter parks in Denver that offer these winter amenities for enjoying the season much more.

In summer, the people flock on the Capitol Hill, where Cheesman Park is situated. CheesmanPark is also one of the most popular Denver Colorado parks that are suitable for strolling and picnicking, as the sun is up for a longer time during summer that one could get tanned even at five in the afternoon.

Also, the Washington Park, which is one of the largest parks in Denver, is one of the Denver Colorado parks not to be missed out. It includes several trails, with one that goes around the entire parks perimeter. It also have a tennis court, a lawn bowling or croquet field, playgrounds, an indoor pool, and a fitness center for sports-related activities.

All in all, there are more than a hundred Denver Colorado parks available for residents and tourists. Plus, there will be more that are going to be built to provide more places for leisure and recreation, since people in Denver regards relaxation and active pastimes highly.

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