Community Post: Which Hot Alien Is Your Soulmate?

                                            <b>Sorry, R2D2.</b>                                                         
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    1. Lucky enough.
    2. Pretty unlucky, thanks for the reminder.
    3. So not a priority.
    4. Does lucky in lust count?
    5. That’s none of your business.
    6. Depends on your definition of “luck”.

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Which Hot Alien Is Your Soulmate?

  1. You got: Caine Wise

    Maybe your compass is broken again — or maybe it’s ~true love~. It’s a good thing you’ve always been a dog person, because this hot alien hybrid will woof you off your feet.

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  2. You got: Gaila

    Work hard, play hard. Nobody understands that better than you and your green partner-in-crime. Besides, you deserve each other after having to put up with all the Jim Kirks of the world.

    Spyglass Entertainment / Via
  3. You got: The Doctor

    You’re so casual with each other that people don’t always realize you’re in (wibbly wobbly) love, but your feelings are bigger on the inside. You both crave adventure and people think you’re kind of weird, but in a cute way.

    BBC / Via
  4. You got: Neytiri

    Your life might seem like a giant ball of stress every now and then, which is why you need to take a deep breath and let Neytiri remind you of the bigger picture. You both can be a little hotheaded but it’s only because you love each other.

    Lightstorm Entertainment / Via
  5. You got: Han Solo

    You love him. He knows.

    Lucasfilm / Via
  6. You got: Princess Leia

    Your soulmate is one of the toughest women in the galaxy, and she’s got your back no matter what. Make sure you’ve got hers, too, because if you don’t — well, she has really good aim and you’re not going to get very far.

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