Bike to Work Day promotes pedal power

DENVER — If it’s got two wheels it is time to take them for a spin. Summer is the official time to get off the couch and get things moving. There is no dearth of bike-related events to get you going this month. The city is actively promoting registration for Bike to Work Day this […]

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Mayors proclaim December 14 “Sock It To Em Work Day”

DENVER — While visions of sugar plums and stockings overflowing with goodies dance in the heads of many, there are thousands in the Denver Metro Area that simply long for a pair of new socks to put on.  The elements of winter, being on one’s feet all day and hours of walking causes socks to disintegrate, therefore a pair of socks on one who experiences homelessness last about a week!  Therefore, in recognition of socks being the #1 clothing need of those who are experiencing homelessness, Mayor Hancock and the Mayors Caucus are proclaiming Dec. 14 as “Sock It To Em Work Day!”

On December 14 the Mayor’s request that citizens forego wearing their socks to experience what it’s like to go throughout an entire day without socks and to then pledge to provide new socks, before the end of December to the many locations involved with the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign. The Sock It To Em Sock Campaign is a 501c3 Public Charity whose goal is to put socks on the feet of all those who experience homelessness or are in need.

“People in a state of homelessness don’t have a sock drawer. We need to be their sock drawer. Last year with the public exposure due to Mayor Hancock and the Mayor’s Caucus proclaiming the second Wednesday in December to be known as “Sock It To Em Work Day,” the campaign was able to obtain 33,000 pairs of new socks and delivered them to forty shelter, services and agencies in the Greater Metropolitan Area. Sue Lee, Chair, and Founder of the “Sock it To Em” Sock Campaign said, “This year, we know we can do more! We have set a goal of 120,000 pairs of socks! 25% of the homeless are children; Denver has over a thousand teens who seek the assistance of Urban Peak downtown and 11 % of the homeless are veterans, and they all deserve to put on a pair of warm socks like you and I.”

Phillis Shimamoto, President and a Founder of the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign noted,  “What we began with a handful of girlfriends, in Denver is now in 37 states. Any person, business, place of worship, café, etc. who collects socks is called a ‘Sock Ambassador.’  Sock Ambassadors collect socks, get them to us, and we get them out on the streets.  Our youngest is Lena Young, who is nine years old and through her efforts has obtained over 7,500 pairs of socks since June!  If a child can do it, so can you!”

Police headquarters throughout Denver have gotten into the sock-it-to-me spirit and are acting as “Sock Ambassadors.” They will be collecting socks at every station through the month of December. Captain William “Bill” Nagle in Community Relations and Northwest Denver’s District 1 Sergeant Kim Lovato are actively engaging their precincts in this sock campaign for a cause. Collectively they view this as an important foothold into the giving season. Lovato said, “I met the founders, Sue and Phillis, not too long ago and they wanted to figure out a way to get the DPD involved with their wonderful organization.  We are on board and will have collection sites at all of the police districts and DPD headquarters. We already have collections boxes at District 1 – 1311 W. 46th Ave, District 5 – 4685 Peoria St. and at Police Headquarters- 1331 Cherokee St.” For more information contact Captain Nagle, [email protected].

When considering ways of giving this holiday season consider stepping up to support this important cause for the homeless.

The post Mayors proclaim December 14 “Sock It To Em Work Day” appeared first on North Denver Tribune.

North Denver Tribune

Patriots make short work of Broncos

Patriots make short work of Broncos
The Denver Broncos, the trendy team with the most prolific touchdown thrower in history, the defense that had allegedly coalesced behind a healthy Von Miller, newcomer DeMarcus Ware and former Patriot Aqib Talib, and a corps of receivers that on any …
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Where To Find Work IN Denver Colorado

According to the census, it really is regarded as being the second many population metropolises in America. In 2010, Denver Colorado possesses an approximated population of 645,613. The top and fastest growing industries within Colorado that gives careers within Denver jobs tend to be healthcare, monetary services, telecommunications, protection as well as technologies. These days, the most effective spending sectors in the Denver are usually transportation, technology, financial, health care and also entertainment. These flourish industries and corporations have better occupations for the people looking for work. According to the questionnaire regarding the year 2010, the actual unemployment fee inside Co will be tiny above 8 %. Due to the worst economic downturn in a long time employee’s deal with a tough time for finding a situation inside their fields in many nations. Nevertheless, if an individual desires to obtain a proper career in Co then he/she ought to stick to these types of directions: Firstly, work seeker need to generate a merchant account with the state’s labor force commission. A person ought to search careers online by metropolis, key word, in your free time, regular and other numerous research standards. About 60 labor force organizations over the express provide totally free Internet access as well as work lookup assistance to staff. Secondly to get careers in Co, someone should hunt for eco-friendly jobs checking in Co. In addition, there are numerous on the internet job panels that provide numerous work jobs to the people looking for work. With these several on the web career panels an individual may locate fairly easily employment within Denver Colorado. Thirdly, a person should find opportunities inside the Colorado in the Colorado submit. Many classified ads can be found online. Furthermore, work seeker need to look in to the Colorado Rises gazette, the particular Fort Collins Coloradan and other posts for a person’s eye of the specific job hunter. Another essential training for getting careers inside jobs in Colorado is actually send out a replica of person’s include correspondence and resume through the mail additionally to signing up to a footing on-line, unless the work advertisements indicated that solely on-line apps are usually accepted. This provides the business one thing real to remember which you utilized. even though you currently live out regarding state, you’ve got shown the business which you are willing to vacation the additional kilometer in order to picture into it your identify remains within the working for that placement. Telephone a telephone decision to be sure the resume has been obtained also to see the position of one’s software. Regardless of the aforementioned discussion you can easily conclude that so you can get or perhaps attaining jobs within Denver Colorado job hunters need to stick to the over directions. On this competitive world it’s acquiring very hard for the job seeker to obtain a right job in accordance with his/.her qualification and standards. Therefore for getting a best career a person should do an entire and also comprehensive investigation before applying for your specific work.

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