A Quick Tour at Denver Colorado Parks

Denver is one of the places in Colorado where there is so much to do. You will never be bored once you set foot in this city, as it houses over 200 parks and 29 recreation centers open for locals and tourists at any time of the year. Here are the five most popular theme parks located in Denver, Colorado. Washington Park, one of the oldest in Denver, was designed by Reinhard Schuetze, a German landscape architect, from 1899 to 1908. Later landscape architects such as Saco Rienk DeBoer and Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr added such features as the elegant boat house and an evergreen grove on the north section. It also includes twentieth century brick houses and 54 flower beds informally arranged. Elitch Gardens Theme Park opened in 1890 in the West Highlands then later moved to downtown Denver in 1994 and became known as Six Flags Elitch Gardens. This 70-acre park features rides such as a roller coaster, carousel, and Ferris wheel, and wave pools for cooling off during summer. Elitch Gardens Theme Park opens in late April and closes after Halloween. Of all Denver Colorado parks and recreation sites, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is the most popular among concert goers. The Beatles and U2 once held live performances at this venue. Geology enthusiasts are also drawn to the eroded sandstone formations. Tourists can bring in their tents or drive around campgrounds with their recreational vehicles to explore Red Rocks and the surrounding foothills. Lakeside Amusement Park, previously named White City, is one of the Denver Colorado parks and recreation sites that welcome family outings. This amusement resort opened in 1908 and was designed by Architect Richard L. Crowther. Just like Elitch Gardens, it features amusement rides such as a cyclone roller coaster, bumper cars, bumper boats, Ferris wheel, and merry-go-round. Gate admission and unlimited rides cost $ 13.75 during weekdays and $ 19.75 during weekends. Unlike other Denver Colorado parks and recreation sites, Denver Bear Valley Park has free admission. It was formally established in 1913 and covers more than 14,000 acres. This spacious park offers a multitude of leisure activities such as family picnics, biking and hiking, as well as soccer and tennis. Denver Bear Valley Park opens daily from 5am to 11pm.

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