Obama’s choice for DC mayor (or her staffer) deletes weird ‘$$$$’ tweet

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times for D.C. mayoral hopeful Muriel Bowser.

First up, she was endorsed by President Obama in her run for D.C. mayor. That’s some good news:

BREAKING: President Obama has endorsed Muriel Bowser in D.C.'s mayoral race, reports #News4's @TomSherwood. http://t.co/VUtU1hy5cL

— NBCWashington (@nbcwashington) October 6, 2014

Then she got to take a picture with the president at a fundraiser they both attended in D.C. More good news:

Spoke w/ Pres @BarackObama tonight about our progressive vision that gives everyone a fair shot #All8Wards #Forward pic.twitter.com/Tx7hxdtVaV

— MurielBowser (@MurielBowser) October 7, 2014

But then…

Let’s overlook for the moment that @BarackObama isn’t really the president, but a shadowy dark-money 501(c)(4) that didn’t endorse her and focus on what happened next. Bowser — literally — was a no-show at the fundraiser when President Obama gave her a shout-out:

Obama: "Where’s Muriel [Bowser]? Stand up. She had to go? She had to go? Well, I love her anyway. She had to go campaign."

— Edward-Isaac Dovere (@IsaacDovere) October 7, 2014

Pool rpt: Muriel Bowser left tonight's DNC $raiser before Obama acknowledged her. "Obama made a joke abt her needing to leave to campaign."

— Edward-Isaac Dovere (@IsaacDovere) October 6, 2014


Oh, it get’s better.

The Washington Post’s Mike Debonis noted that Bowser was already fundraising off of the Obama endorsement, asking donors for $44…

@MurielBowser soliciting $44 donations off of Obama endorsement pic.twitter.com/VLhdwk0lgE

— Mike DeBonis (@mikedebonis) October 6, 2014

…which prompted this hilarious response from a reader…

@mikedebonis @MurielBowser $$$$it's$$$$$all$$$$$about$$$$$$$the$$$$$$

— Mike Miguel (@MikeMiguel) October 6, 2014

…which was then RT’d by either Bowser or someone with access to her Twitter account…

Interesting new deletion by @MurielBowser in Politwoops http://t.co/J47VEkUsDU #DCision14 @willsommer @brfreed @DCist pic.twitter.com/o50pSTPld8

— Nicko (@SFnicko) October 6, 2014

…and then quickly deleted by either Bowser or someone with access to her Twitter account. Oops.

A Freudian slip where she actually agreed that the president’s endorsement is really, in the end, “all$$$$$about$$$$$$$the$$$$$$?


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