These Gorgeous Photos Prove That Lagos Street Style Is The Best

                                            <b>Lagosians just do it better.</b>                                                         

1. Lagos — the commercial capital of Nigeria — is the largest city in Africa. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

And among the teeming millions that make it a hub of excitement and innovation are some seriously stylish people.

Lagos Street Style

3. For the last five months, one anonymous blogger has been photographing the city’s most striking people on the streets and posting the pictures — plus commentary — on Lagos Street Style.

4. The photographer, who recently moved to Nigeria from Scotland, is a lawyer in the oil and gas sector.

“I have a keen interest in style, street photography, writing, and people-watching,” she says. “The best way to combine all these loves was the blog.”

Lagos Street Style

6. The results are great.

7. Like this striking woman in a striking dress:

Lagos Street Style

8. And this lovely churchgoer:

Lagos Street Style

9. This simply dressed beauty:

Lagos Street Style

Lagos Street Style


10. This accessory queen (a former Miss Nigeria, fact fans!):

Lagos Street Style

11. And this modern take on an iro and buba:

Lagos Street Style

12. This super-stylish bearded dude:

Lagos Street Style

13. This star-spangled woman turning heads on the street:

Lagos Street Style

14. This cutie in a graphic tee:

Lagos Street Style

Lagos Street Style


15. This perfect mash-up of prints:

Lagos Street Style

16. This breezy trio of #CarefreeBlackGirls:

Lagos Street Style

17. This incredibly photogenic public proposal(?!):

Lagos Street Style

18. This woman with a strict three-colour palette:

Lagos Street Style

19. This trilby-wearing on-duty photographer:

Lagos Street Style

Lagos Street Style


20. There’s lots more photography on Lagos Street Style.

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19 Ways To Wear Your Pride For Black History Month

                                            <b>Say it with ya chest.</b> Or your ears, or wrists, or&hellip;you get the point.                                                          

1. Queen Nefertiti Wood Earrings

Your bling has bling. Get them here. $16.

2. Dookie Bracelets

Nakimuli Inc.


There’s eight different prints to choose from with these soft, stackable bracelets. Get them here, at $45 for 6.

3. Afro-American Iron-On / Sew-On Patch

Wear your pride on your sleeve when you sew or iron on this patch. Get yours here. $6.75

4. Bisa Earrings

Add some razzle dazzle with these tassels. Other funky designs here. $12.90.

5. Pocket Mirror


This adorable handmade pocket mirror could also be a pin or magnet. Grab one here. $6.75.

6. Ayodele Ankara Socks

However, I stay cultured down to the socks. Get them here. $24.99.

7. “Damn It, Gina” Tee

Facebook: republicandcompany / Via Republic & Co.

Republic & Co. recently relaunched, and with trademark catchphrases from Martin like, “You Go Girl” and “Damn It, Gina,” their tees and sweats never stay in stock for too long.

8. Afro King Baby Creeper

QuellyRue Designs

Because it’s never too early to instill self-pride. Snap your baby up in a 100% cotton onesie here. $16.

9. Carter/Fresh BHM Tee

This limited-edition tee honors Carter G. Woodson, the founder of Negro History Week, now known as Black History Month. Order yours here. $20.

10. Africa Pick Earrings and African Print Button Studs



Take your pick, get it? Get them here for $9.39 and $7.98.

11. She’s Gotta Have It Brooch

Rachel Stewart Jewelry

Inspired by the iconic Spike Lee film, this brooch also comes as a pair of badass dangly earrings, if you prefer. Get hooked up here. $25.

12. Unisex Kente Bowtie

This bowtie features an elastic band, making it easily convertible into a hair accessory. Snap one up here. $20.

13. Africa Stud Earrings With Gold Tip

A more subtle way to shine. Get these small studs here. $10.

14. Limited Edition Sweater

Ide Nation features a number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, in case you don’t happen to be a proud Florida A&M Rattler. Get draped up here. $55.

15. Unisex Brass Ankh Necklace With Jasper Pendant

Get a handle on things here. $20.

16. Sankofa Wood Hand-Stained Earrings

These Sankofa earrings literally mean “reach back and get it,” or learn from your past. Get schooled here. $20.

17. Egyptian Eyes Nail Decals

Let the Eye of Horus protect your digits on the reg. Get these decals here, with instructions included. $6.

18. Egyptian African Queen Hipster T-Shirt

This Neferti-tee comes in different colors and plus sizes for men and women. Snag one here. $26.

19. Make Art/Not War Mug

Drink every drip drop, drip drippity drop. Get yours here. $15.

Share your favorite artisans in the comments below!

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Choosing between a Denver Fashion Design Major and a Denver Fashion Management Major

The mile-high town not just offers gorgeous surroundings and an exciting personal scene, additionally an array of style school options, making the city a great location to make a fashion level. Denver design college is a great option to explore the innovative region of the design globe and also the hard marketing choices which can be part of the company of fashion.

Selecting Between Design and Control

Wanting to choose from a style design significant and a manner administration significant? Several attributes are provided by both. A desire for all things style is just about the most useful attribute for potential students to possess. Whether you’re much more focused on the style end or perhaps the advertising and marketing end associated with equation, it is critical to discover determination in our and up-and-coming styles, and know very well what tends to make a look classic. By paying attention and functioning on your own creativity you are able to craft a new, personal viewpoint. In addition, students with persistence and a watch for information do well within these majors. Building a business or a look, it can take time to make it work.

a style design significant at a Denver design school gets to be concerned in the hands-on development of clothes. A genuine concept for a garment just isn’t adequate; it will require technical skill to make concept into clothing. Within classes, you may teach your style attention and figure out how to navigate the complete process. Sketching and software programs help your plans move onto report. In addition, you learn pattern generating, sewing, textiles, draping and just how to write a group.

On the other hand, a manner management major assumes on the business side of the business. In place of generating attire, a Denver manner administration college student learns the behind-the-scenes elements which make the clothing both sellable and profitable. This level seems just like a company level for the reason that courses may include bookkeeping, business ownership, marketing, marketing and advertising and news planning. Students experience the item side of the industry, which include discovering exactly what the customer wishes and is happy to spend, all the way through to the other end associated with spectrum: the buyer’s marketplace, from wholesaling to import/export markets. Some classes train the design elements like color principle and fabrics, using this stability pupils get a fashion viewpoint with a business back bone tissue.

Denver design school offers style level which is easy to get work with a qualification from Denver design college.

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