25 Reasons You Should Never Visit The South

                                            <b>Just stay away.</b>                                                          

1. Many people believe the South is some kind of beautiful place.

Digidreamgrafix / Getty Images

Lake Jocassee, South Carolina

2. Their beliefs are 100% false!

Flickr: quiksilver1850 / Creative Commons

Tallulah, Georgia

3. The South is the opposite of pretty.

Flickr: rogersmith / Creative Commons

Starkville, Mississippi

4. It’s just a huge mess of thicket and brush.

Stone Mountain, Georgia

5. There is nothing but miles and miles of weeds, and huge swarths of undergrowth.

Bradley Morson / Getty Images

Lexington, Kentucky

6. The entire region lacks any kind of allure…

Dean Ikar / Getty Images

Cades Cove, Tennessee

7. …and most of the land is dull and featureless.

Flickr: naturegal / Creative Commons

Whitaker Point, Arkansas


Flickr: [email protected] / Creative Commons

Windsor Ruins, Missisippi

8. All the water here is murky and dirty.

Flickr: mutbka / Creative Commons

Pembroke, Virginia

9. It’s just a bunch of unmajestic streams…

Henryk Sadura / Getty Images

Arrow Island, Mississippi

10. …and slow-flowing creeks.

Thinkstock / Getty Images

Mather Gorge, Virginia

11. All the countryside is bland…

Flickr: matthewpaulson / Creative Commons

Craggy Gardens, North Carolina

12. …and totally unassuming.

Beachcottagephotography / Getty Images

Vacherie, Louisiana

13. The beaches are soooo underwhelming…

Flickr: sandstep / Creative Commons

Gulf Shores, Alabama

14. …and the sand is strewn with seaweed.

Natalia Bratslavsky / Getty Images

Gulf Shores, Alabama

15. The cities here are nothing but backwood pit stops.

Sean Pavone / Getty Images

Atlanta, Georgia

16. These metropolises have no culture…

Spondylolithesis / Getty Images

New Orleans, Louisiana

17. …and totally lack any kind of charm or beauty.

Mjudy / Getty Images

Charleston, South Carolina

18. Not to mention, nothing of note ever happens.

Gerald Herbert / AP

New Orleans, Lousiana

19. The wildlife here is so damn average.

Lynn Bystrom / Getty Images

Ellijay, Georgia

20. There are pretty much the same kind of animals you would find anywhere else.

Flickr: [email protected] / Creative Commons

Valdosta, Georgia

21. Taking a walk around here is mind-numbingly dull.

Michael Carlucci / Getty Images

Pine Mountain, Georgia

22. There is absolutely nothing pretty to look at.


Helotes, Texas

23. Every landscape looks exactly the same.

Warren Price / Getty Images

Key Largo, Florida

24. So if you’re thinking of visiting the South, think again.

Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

Savannah, Georgia

25. Its utter ugliness will only serve to disappoint.

Flickr: rogersmith / Creative Commons

Winston, Mississippi


Flickr: mikerhicks / Creative Commons

Browns, Tennessee

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19 Ways To Wear Your Pride For Black History Month

                                            <b>Say it with ya chest.</b> Or your ears, or wrists, or&hellip;you get the point.                                                          

1. Queen Nefertiti Wood Earrings

Your bling has bling. Get them here. $16.

2. Dookie Bracelets

Nakimuli Inc.


There’s eight different prints to choose from with these soft, stackable bracelets. Get them here, at $45 for 6.

3. Afro-American Iron-On / Sew-On Patch

Wear your pride on your sleeve when you sew or iron on this patch. Get yours here. $6.75

4. Bisa Earrings

Add some razzle dazzle with these tassels. Other funky designs here. $12.90.

5. Pocket Mirror


This adorable handmade pocket mirror could also be a pin or magnet. Grab one here. $6.75.

6. Ayodele Ankara Socks

However, I stay cultured down to the socks. Get them here. $24.99.

7. “Damn It, Gina” Tee

Facebook: republicandcompany / Via Republic & Co.

Republic & Co. recently relaunched, and with trademark catchphrases from Martin like, “You Go Girl” and “Damn It, Gina,” their tees and sweats never stay in stock for too long.

8. Afro King Baby Creeper

QuellyRue Designs

Because it’s never too early to instill self-pride. Snap your baby up in a 100% cotton onesie here. $16.

9. Carter/Fresh BHM Tee

This limited-edition tee honors Carter G. Woodson, the founder of Negro History Week, now known as Black History Month. Order yours here. $20.

10. Africa Pick Earrings and African Print Button Studs



Take your pick, get it? Get them here for $9.39 and $7.98.

11. She’s Gotta Have It Brooch

Rachel Stewart Jewelry

Inspired by the iconic Spike Lee film, this brooch also comes as a pair of badass dangly earrings, if you prefer. Get hooked up here. $25.

12. Unisex Kente Bowtie

This bowtie features an elastic band, making it easily convertible into a hair accessory. Snap one up here. $20.

13. Africa Stud Earrings With Gold Tip

A more subtle way to shine. Get these small studs here. $10.

14. Limited Edition Sweater

Ide Nation features a number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, in case you don’t happen to be a proud Florida A&M Rattler. Get draped up here. $55.

15. Unisex Brass Ankh Necklace With Jasper Pendant

Get a handle on things here. $20.

16. Sankofa Wood Hand-Stained Earrings

These Sankofa earrings literally mean “reach back and get it,” or learn from your past. Get schooled here. $20.

17. Egyptian Eyes Nail Decals

Let the Eye of Horus protect your digits on the reg. Get these decals here, with instructions included. $6.

18. Egyptian African Queen Hipster T-Shirt

This Neferti-tee comes in different colors and plus sizes for men and women. Snag one here. $26.

19. Make Art/Not War Mug

Drink every drip drop, drip drippity drop. Get yours here. $15.

Share your favorite artisans in the comments below!

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