This Police Force Is Trying To Change The Way People View Cops, One Ticket At A Time

                          <div class="content">                    <h3>Canadians are known for being polite, but what this police force is doing takes things to the next level. What's better, they're helping to change the way people around the world perceive cops.</h3> It's no secret that the reputation of cops is struggling. While the majority of police are good men and women who only want to serve and protect their communities, highly publicized incidents have shaken the public's faith. 

In Nanaimo, Canada, cops are looking to change that with “positive ticketing.” Since 2002, they have handed out over 6,000 tickets to youth, simply for being good citizens. Other police forces around the world have started similar programs, and to date, over a million positive tickets have been distributed in total.

Watch as these kids receive positive tickets from officers. It’s a small gesture, but the looks on their faces reveal just how much it means.


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I hope more and more cops get on board with this awesome tradition. I wouldn’t mind being pulled over for a positive ticket!

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She Had No Idea Why She Was Being Pulled Over, But Then The Cop Gave Her This

                          <div class="content">                    <h3>Nothing sends my anxiety skyrocketing quite like getting pulled over.</h3> You usually know why you're getting pulled over when it happens, but sometimes, you have no idea what's going on. Regardless of what you're pulled over for, you just never know whether you'll be greeted at your car door by a good cop or a bad cop. 

So you can imagine this woman’s level of stress when she was pulled over on a hot afternoon in Halifax, Virginia. It’s not every day that you get stopped for something called vehicle code 1739, but when you do, it might just make your afternoon a little cooler.

Watch as this unsuspecting woman discovers just what this violation actually means.

This sort of makes me want to break the law. Just saying.

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These Kids Didn’t Know What To Think When They Were Approached By Police…

                          <div class="content">                    <h3>Above all, cops are paid to protect and serve...but if you were to ask the officers at the Dixon Police Department in Illinois, they'd probably say the job is about more than that.</h3> Helping the community, solving crimes, these duties are just part of the work...but no one said they had to take time out of their busy and sometimes dangerous days to do this. 

Recently, these neighborhood kids were battling the summer heat by playing with water guns in their yard when all of the sudden, officers from the Dixon PD attacked them — with more water guns!

This is so cute.

It’s so nice to see videos of cops having fun just like the rest of us. Let’s all use our phones and cameras to capture more moments like this.

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Hooping it up with the District 1 Police

LOHI — Commander Paul Pazen knows how to run a mean machine. The District 1 police came out in force for a madcap hula-hooping spree at Little Man Ice Cream’s 7th annual competition on September 17. They hooped it up with kids from the community on the basketball courts and did a few slam dunks at the corn-hole table in the lead up to the big hoop off.

Seven of our finest in blue included Sergeant Kim Lovato and Officers Vina Maciel, Bob Anderson, Bri Cordova, Rob Gibbs, Stephanie Barrandey, Nate Magee and Kyle Saunier. Pazen’s goal is to “create community engagement that builds trust and breaks down barriers amongst youth and the police force.”

Based on the happy community involvement and surprise over their attendance, it seems to be a “mission accomplished.” In addition to being good sports, they knew how to hula-hoop, winning Officer Stephanie Barrandey an award for “Dressing the Hippest.” The entire DPD 1 team won a medal of honor for “Outstanding Service to Our Community Beyond the Call of Duty.”  As thanks for being part of the spin, they earned an Ice Cream Social for their whole unit. Community Resource Officer Bob Anderson said, “We were thrilled to participate and had a great day connecting with the community.”

We are so lucky, and so proud to be under the watchful eye of the District 1 Police. Thank you for all you do, and for making time for a little hoopla in your action-packed day!

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