Some Child Psychologists Say You Should Stop Telling Your Kids “No”…Is This Going Too Far?


However, this doesn’t mean that children should be allowed to run wild. Here are some tips from experts that you can use to foster positive parenting interactions with your child.

1. Use positive terms to respond to questions.

Phrase responses so that you’re telling children what they can do instead of what they can’t do. Say that they can play later or have one cookie instead of giving them an outright “no.”

2. Talk about what you’re feeling.

Instead of just saying “stop” or “no,” explain why you don’t like something in age-appropriate terms. Tell them that it hurts when they hit you or that the noise they’re making affects your concentration. This kind of dialogue helps develop kids’ empathy for others.

3. Give kids a choice between two things that they can do.

Instead of saying, “No bouncing the ball in the house,” provide a choice between two other locations. “You can bounce the ball in the backyard or in the driveway. Which would you like?” This often stops kids from responding in a rebellious way.

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Tennyson Center for Children Announces New CEO

DENVER – Tennyson Center for Children, today announced that it has named Ned Breslin as its new CEO. Breslin will join Tennyson Center on Dec. 5, 2016.

Breslin is an accomplished philanthropic executive. Most recently he served as an Executive Vice President for Wounded Warrior Project in Colorado Springs.

Ned Breslin, CEO Tennyson Center
Ned Breslin, CEO Tennyson Center

Prior to that Breslin served as the Chief Executive Officer for Water for People for nine years. During his tenure at Water for People, Breslin established his track record for unlocking untapped funding potential and grew the organization’s annual budget to $ 18 million, and dramatically increased programmatic impact. He has also served on multiple boards and received the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship in 2011, recognizing his innovations in programming and collective impact.

“I am honored to be selected to lead Tennyson Center for Children, which embodies my passion that no one is abandoned, forgotten or marginalized,” Breslin said. “I look forward to working with the exceptional team at Tennyson Center and child welfare experts across Colorado to strengthen Tennyson’s existing programs and look toward the future to develop new programs and solutions that will have a positive impact for children for generations to come.”

“We conducted an extensive national search to find exactly the right person to join the Tennyson Center family,” said Paul Wiesner, Chairman of the Board of Tennyson Center for Children. “We were looking for an innovative leader who would be a passionate advocate for our mission and could inspire others to support Tennyson—we found that person in Ned Breslin. Ned has the skills and strategic vision to guide Tennyson Center for Children into the future.”

About Tennyson Center for Children

Tennyson Center for Children (TCC) provides residential, in-home and K-12 classroom based therapeutic services to Colorado children. The children TCC serves are survivors of severe abuse or neglect, or have significant mental health or developmental issues. Tennyson Center is often seen as the last resort for children who have nowhere else to go. TCC has been changing lives and giving hope to children and families for more than 112 years. For more information, please visit

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