George H.W. Bush joins Twitter; Sock photos requested!/GeorgeHWBush/status/410511955007266816
And there you have the very first tweet from former President George H.W. Bush.!/ethanklapper/status/410532331955306496!/mikememoli/status/410530710106030082!/edlavaCNN/status/410533339893080064!/dorseyshaw/status/410531848679202816
Maybe when Bush starts tweeting photos of his amazing socks he’ll earn that “verified” blue check mark. Socks or not, plenty were happy to welcome the 41st president to Twitter.!/thedailybeast/status/410532589284253696!/TomDurian/status/410534122558197760


Even the White House is hoping for a sock of the day post.!/WhiteHouse/status/410584823766728704Read more:

George H.W. Bush statue unveiled to mark 25th anniversary!/BrazosValOnline/status/452301784581562368
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of his presidency, organizers unveiled a statue of George H.W. Bush at the George Bush Presidential Library Center in College Park, Texas.!/OKnox/status/452260359135436801!/SassyShereeSkin/status/452259809719750656!/LexiFoxNews/status/452254720283791362
The Eagle reports that Bush sported a special pair of “41” socks made just for the occasion.!/OKnox/status/452490174895644672Read more:

Fox News debate weak on race, sour on #Trump #GOP2016

Lisa Garcia Bedolla
, University of California, Berkeley
Andra Gillespie
, Emory University
Andrew J Hoffman
, University of Michigan
Anthony J Gaughan
, Drake University
Ten of the most popular Republican presidential candidates gathered in Cleveland on the evening of August 6 for two hours… #GOP2016, #Trump, #Trump2016, #AlGore, #BarackObama, #BernieSanders, #DonaldTrump, #GeorgeHWBush, #GeorgeWBush, #HillaryClinton, #RalphNader, #RepublicanPartyUnitedStates, #RossPerot

President George H.W. Bush honors Coach K for work battling cancer

President George H.W. Bush, along with wife Barbara, is a founding honorary chair of C-Change, which “assembles key cancer leaders from the three sectors — private, public, and not-for-profit — and from across the cancer continuum — prevention, early detection, treatment and quality of life.”

President Bush today met with Duke University’s Mike Krzyzewski, better known as Coach K, who is an honorary co-chair of C-Change.

We’re always glad to see President Bush out and about, but we wish the photographer had captured his always amazing sock swag.

Twitchy coverage of George H.W. Bush

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