She Had No Idea Why She Was Being Pulled Over, But Then The Cop Gave Her This

                          <div class="content">                    <h3>Nothing sends my anxiety skyrocketing quite like getting pulled over.</h3> You usually know why you're getting pulled over when it happens, but sometimes, you have no idea what's going on. Regardless of what you're pulled over for, you just never know whether you'll be greeted at your car door by a good cop or a bad cop. 

So you can imagine this woman’s level of stress when she was pulled over on a hot afternoon in Halifax, Virginia. It’s not every day that you get stopped for something called vehicle code 1739, but when you do, it might just make your afternoon a little cooler.

Watch as this unsuspecting woman discovers just what this violation actually means.

This sort of makes me want to break the law. Just saying.

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Instead Of Getting Answers On This Scavenger Hunt, He Was Asked An Amazing Question

You know what’s awesome? Getting engaged. You know what’s even better? Saying “screw it” to doing things the old-fashioned way.

The girlfriend of Redditor Dan Cupples decided to take advantage of an old tradition on Leap Day last month when she put together one seriously impressive scavenger hunt. While planning it out, she jotted notes on pink hearts and made a map of the places around town that held significance in their relationship.

The goal was to help her favorite guy reminisce about all of the great memories they’ve shared before getting down on one knee and asking him a very important question.

Next to a bouquet of roses, Cupples found an envelope containing the first clue.

Off to the gas station he went!

That’s when this guy gave him his heart.

He had a hunch that his girlfriend wanted him to go to Tim Hortons.

And he was right!

Next up was a trip to McDonald’s.

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That’s when she really started testing him.

Fortunately, Cupples managed to track down another note in the heart of the forest. That one sent him to a local grocery store.

He came across this hint while checking out.

After spending money on gas, food, and groceries, she let him run to the bank.

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To make sure that he was full when the big moment rolled around, she sent Cupples to his favorite pizza joint.

Almost there!

The final clue brought him back to where it all began.

When he arrived, his number one girl was right there waiting for him. That’s when she asked him to be her husband. Cupples wrapped up the Sadie Hawkins-inspired surprise by saying yes!

He plans on wearing the ring on a chain, and he’s going to get her a ring, too. Congrats to the happy couple on their wonderful engagement!

(via Elite Daily)

Love isn’t about tiptoeing around social norms and outdated customs. It’s about seizing the perfect moment and asking the person you adore if they’d like to walk through life alongside you.

For more information about the photographer who captured their big moment, check out her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates!

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Adorable Pig Is Saved From Slaughter And Grows Up To Be A Loving Pet


The then-three-week-old pig adjusted quickly, and has now lived with Jones and her family for over a year. If Jones has her way, you will never find her piggy pal on your dinner table.

Meet Raisin Jones, the lovable pig that Jones heroically saved from slaughter.

While most people call him Raisin, you might know him as Pigcasso.

Since joining Jones and her family, Raisin has acquired a knack for painting.

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He Threw A Fishing Line Out, But How He Reeled In The Fish Is Incredible

If there’s one sport that needs spicing up — in my opinion — it’s fishing.

You sit in a small boat for hours and you have to be quiet, all in hopes of catching something tiny. Often, you can’t even keep what you reel in!

And while some people have managed to take a slow afternoon on the lake and make it into an extreme sport, this isn’t for everyone…

Here with a quicker option that anyone with a power drill can do is this genius:

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here with Fido.

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When Animals Have Perfectly Startling Timing, This Hilarity Happens

It’s always hilarious when you’re able to time a prank so perfectly that the prankee spills the cereal they were holding all down the front of their shirt. The bigger the mess, the better. The best pranksters out there, though, might be our furry, bug-eyed, or even scaly counterparts. They’re unpredictable, and you never know what kind of mood they’re going to be in.

These animals have got the spook down…

“BOO! Ha, gotcha.”

If only these animals could give me tips on how to spook my roommates.

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Story of Louise Brooks and Ken Tynan Brought to Life Beautifully in “Lost Creatures”

DOWNTOWN: Denver’s And Toto Too Theatre Company continues its tradition of bringing new works by women playwrights to life with the world premiere of Lost Creatures by Melissa Lucero McCarl. This story of a meeting between a normally caustic theater critic and the aging silent film star Louise Brooks is cleverly structured, wonderfully acted, and a treat to watch.

Playwright McCarl built the play based on the meeting that happened between these two characters from history and their actual meeting, held in a small apartment decades after Brooks’ surprisingly early departure from a successful film career. McCarl tells the story using realistic dialogue between the two characters, but throughout their time together, they are joined by Lulu, the character that Brooks played in the film Pandora’s Box. More than just observing, she is an integral part of the story, unseen to the other characters, but responding, reacting, and occasionally interacting. Lulu is part alter ego, part Greek chorus, and part context. This device takes the play from what would have been an interesting relationship story to a higher level, merging the silent film world that gave us Louise Brooks into the fabric of the play. Lulu is silent film – her movement, expressions, style, everything. It brings the whole production together beautifully.

Director Patrick Elkins-Zeglarski seems to have taken the roots of this concept that must have been in the script, watered it, fed it, nurtured it, and let it grow and fully blossom. The contrast of the two “real” people, Ken and Louise, with Lulu is stark, and yet they are integrated together. All is balanced well, keeping the focus on the story, but using the structure to move the story forward, add texture, and really engage the audience.

Billie McBride, who played Louise Brooks, is one of the best actors in Denver, and I have always enjoyed the characters she creates onstage. She captures the aging Brooks very well, remembering her experiences from decades earlier, surprisingly but appropriately frank in her discussions of sexuality. One of the risks of having an actor so good onstage is that she can overshadow others, which I did see in one recent show. However, here, Marc Collins more than holds his own as Ken Tynan. It is hard to describe, but Collins captures the erudite arrogance of the British critic perfectly, clearly enthralled by his meeting with the object of his intense infatuation (both artistic and sexual). His performance is authentically artificial – the man Tynan is real, real in his emotions, real in his affectations, real in his flamboyance, real in his pain. And enhancing everything throughout is Annabel Reader as Lulu, beautiful, sexy, graceful, and silent, yet communicating volumes without a word, just as silent film stars did almost a hundred years ago. I can’t imagine a better cast than this for this show.

Lost Creatures is performed in The Commons on Champa, a newly adapted space in a building adjacent to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. It is not the best space for live theater, with the seating only slightly raked, making seeing everything clearly a challenge for those not in the front row.  But set designer Darren Smith uses the space well, creating three small areas separate from the inside of Brooks’ apartment, including the area outside her door, which could have been excluded, but is important to the story. The space presents challenges for lighting, and while designer Emily Maddox does well within the constraints of what she had to work with, there is just not enough height in the room to light the space well. Maddox wisely focused on providing enough illumination, without trying to do more than was possible, thereby limiting the potential for distraction. Susan Lyles’ costume design works well, especially Lulu’s gorgeous, sexy 1920s era flapper dress and Tynan’s appropriately garish outfits.

It is hard to sum up my reaction to the many plays I see in unique and specific ways, especially when I see a show as exceptional as Lost Creatures. Yes, it was engaging, entertaining, intriguing, beautiful, and thoughtful, all words that I use too often. Maybe compelling is the best word to use here. I attended with a friend, a young woman who is a huge fan of silent film, and both my companion and I were riveted, completely drawn into the world of this play. After seeing the show, I looked up the lengthy New Yorker article Tynan wrote about the 1978 meetings he had with Brooks. The play captures both the actual the words and overall feel of Tynan’s article very well. I also really want to see the film Pandora’s Box again as well, to get more context. But honestly, the best indicator is that I, who never have enough time to see all the shows that I want to see, would be delighted to see this production of Lost Creatures again, perhaps even next weekend.  It is that good.

If You Go…

Lost Creatures runs through November 19 at The Commons on Champa, at 1245 Champa St behind the DCPA in Downtown Denver, with performances Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 pm.  Tickets are $ 22-$ 25, with a $ 15 “cheap date” performance on Thursday, November 10. For more information and tickets, call 720-583-3975 or visit


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These Teens Harassed An Elderly Person, But Wait Until You See What A Passerby Did

The elderly are in a tough spot in modern society. Because technology is developing so quickly, people of older generations have a hard time keeping up. It also doesn’t help that they’re not as able-bodied as they used to be, and therefore they have a hard time defending themselves. Sadly, people are always looking to exploit them.

That’s why these people set up an experiment to see if anyone would intervene if they saw an elderly person being harassed. When you see how the situation played out, your faith in humanity will be restored.

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. At least we know that the majority of people would stop bullies from harassing the elderly. There is still some good in the world.

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“Like A Boss” fundraiser celebrates the life of Leigh Anderson on November 12

NORTH DENVER — In celebration of the life of Leigh Anderson, community champion, mother of Brady and Jane, wife of Dr. Erik Anderson, and dear friend to the North Denver community, Local 46 will be hosting a party to honor her and give back to other cancer survivors. Join the community celebration on Saturday, November 12th from 4 to 6 pm for some fabulous drinks and live music by local favorites, The Highland Ramblers. 

 There is a suggested $ 20 donation per person. Local 46 will also donate 20% of their sales during the event. All proceeds will go directly to First Descents. The executive director of First Descents, Ryan O’Donoghue, also lives in the Highlands and will be in attendance with other staff from First Descents to showcase the life-altering programs that they host.

First Descents offers young adult cancer fighters and survivors a free outdoor adventure experience designed to empower them to climb, paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis, defy their cancer, reclaim their lives and connect with others doing the same.

Elizabeth Rodriguez and Melissa Pugh, friends of Leigh’s and fellow breast cancer survivors remarked, “In December of 2015 Leigh informed us that we were going surfing with First Descents. In September of 2016, after much juggling of our lives and lots of help from family and friends, we found ourselves at Pigeon Point in Santa Cruz, CA. without our girl. We spent a week away from real life, coloring, surfing, laughing and crying. We made connections with other cancer fighters that can only come from walking through the fire. We learned to surf. We overcame our fears. We found Leigh everywhere…

We left knowing that we had to give back. Please help us reach our goal of $ 6000 to fund three individuals facing a cancer diagnosis in Leigh’s honor. You can click on the link below to donate directly to the First Descents via our personal fundraising page. We are suggesting $ 20 a person for the event.”



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These Kids Didn’t Know What To Think When They Were Approached By Police…

                          <div class="content">                    <h3>Above all, cops are paid to protect and serve...but if you were to ask the officers at the Dixon Police Department in Illinois, they'd probably say the job is about more than that.</h3> Helping the community, solving crimes, these duties are just part of the work...but no one said they had to take time out of their busy and sometimes dangerous days to do this. 

Recently, these neighborhood kids were battling the summer heat by playing with water guns in their yard when all of the sudden, officers from the Dixon PD attacked them — with more water guns!

This is so cute.

It’s so nice to see videos of cops having fun just like the rest of us. Let’s all use our phones and cameras to capture more moments like this.

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Don’t Throw Out Those Cardboard Boxes, Turn Them Into These Kid-Friendly Crafts

                                                                                                                                                      <div class="content">                    My mother is the ultimate hoarder. She works part-time at a retail store and I swear, at least once a week, she brings home some empty cardboard boxes. Her excuse is that we <em>might</em> need them to store <em>something</em> in the future. (Spoiler alert: We never will.)

Cardboard can be used for more than just storing things, though.

In fact, it can be used for just about ANYTHING! These awesome parents took the old boxes collecting dust in their attics and transformed them into awesome playthings for their children. Check out these 24 crazy-awesome cardboard creations that are kiddo-friendly!

1. This playhouse is fit for a housewife.

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2. Why would your little ones need a cellphone when they could have this retro rotary telephone?

3. Be the queen of the castle!

4. This stylish purse can accessorize any outfit.

5. Get on track with this train station.

6. Teach them to do their own laundry with this washing machine.

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7. This is a palace built for a queen.

8. They’re never too early for their first job at this grocery store.

9. Make them a brand-new sports car.

10. Create a gas pump to keep that new sports car on the go.

11. And teach them the rules of the road with this working stoplight!

12. Let their imaginations soar with this airplane.

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13. This sink and stove will teach the kids how to cook and clean up after themselves.

14. No needles required to craft this cute sewing machine.

15. Lose your kids for hours in this crazy maze.

16. Going down?

17. Invite the neighborhood kids over for a showing at this drive-in theatre.

18. Explore the great outdoors with this duct tape camper.

19. Ahoy, mates! Create your own pirate ship.

20. Share secrets with all your friends in this backyard clubhouse.

21. This barn is perfect for any farmer in training.

22. Your kids can practice on these mini guitars before trying the real thing.

23. Grown-ups can even appreciate this adorable deer wall art.

24. This casual Transformers costume will make you the life of any party.

Well, how about that? And here I thought cardboard boxes were just for making fun of dogs and cats…

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