Buzzfeed’s newest ‘publishing partner’ is a hard-core 9/11 Truther!/JeromeTaylor/status/473256012787351553
Interesting, indeed.

The link goes to a video in which a narrator argues (unconvincingly) that United Airlines Flight 175 didn’t smash into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

“This is one of many, many faked videos put out by the news media,” the narrator claims. “Everything about 9/11 is faked.”

Sort of like a Buzzfeed story.


‘You misspelled FACT, you hack’: BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith gets schooled over Christie tweet

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BuzzFeed copywriter Josh Fjelstad to GOProud: ‘SUCK MY D*CK’

Buzzfeed is making stuff up again

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Today in the War on Women: OFA slaughters self-awareness in one email [pic]!/KrisWilliams81/status/457581409310621696
Brought to you by the Party of Logic (you know, the one that claims the Right is waging a War on Women):!/KatMcKinley/status/457580114323070976!/CherDash/status/457580051627016194
Hey, Organizing for Action, about that War on Women:!/jbrookscnm/status/457579625783496704!/WhatAboutBob7/status/457580275073966080!/geotilley/status/457586263617716224!/SoloVoc/status/457585417341378560!/deblessings/status/457581894230491138
But … but … health care!!/DeclanTheLesser/status/457580720957841408Read more:

Jenna Bush Hager sends birthday wishes ‘to my old man’ George W. Bush [pic]!/raylks2thesky/status/485880215194046466
Former President George W. Bush turned 68 years old today. To mark the occasion, daughter Jenna wished her dad a happy birthday and shared a great photo:!/taylorm4580/status/485877887992885248!/BradyMagic/status/485878410385055745


‘Rot and burn in hell’: George W. Bush turns 68; Unhinged leftists turn to usual tactics

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Marcotte: US is ‘shameful’ because St. Louis single moms are buying guns!/AmandaMarcotte/status/499564300189462528
It’s a day ending in “-day,” so Twitchy’s favorite super-feminist is outraged.

This time she is furious at the eeeevil single moms and other St. Louis residents who are buying guns in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Mo., riots:

Sales have quadrupled at ‘Metro Shooting’ in Bridgeton according to owner Steven King. He says sales have mainly been to men, but not all:

“Probably a dozen or two dozen guns to females, single mothers. We’ve sold to black people, white people. We’ve sold to asians who have businesses on West Florissant.” said King. “They’re just afraid of whats going on and they’re coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm.”

King says he’s personally seen the fear in their eyes and feels the sorrow in their hearts. King says he’s not raised prices but he knows that some are raiding their savings accounts, feeling that having a gun is that important.

To recap: Single mothers, black people, Asian businessmen, and white people are buying guns to protect themselves from dangerous rioters and looters. To make matters worse, the gun retailers who are selling to these consumers are earning profits.

The shock! The horror! The SHAAAAME!

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George H.W. Bush statue unveiled to mark 25th anniversary!/BrazosValOnline/status/452301784581562368
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of his presidency, organizers unveiled a statue of George H.W. Bush at the George Bush Presidential Library Center in College Park, Texas.!/OKnox/status/452260359135436801!/SassyShereeSkin/status/452259809719750656!/LexiFoxNews/status/452254720283791362
The Eagle reports that Bush sported a special pair of “41” socks made just for the occasion.!/OKnox/status/452490174895644672Read more:

‘Heart is broken’: Dawn Wells bids farewell to ‘Gilligan’s Island’ costar Russell Johnson!/HarveyDentEsq/status/423893735068291072
Russell Johnson, probably best known for playing “The Professor” on the classic “Gilligan’s Island,” passed away this morning. He was 89.

His “Island” costar Dawn Wells expressed her grief over the loss of her friend:!/therealmaryann/status/423892884106919936!/therealmaryann/status/423893921786105856

We hope she can draw comfort from all the good memories.!/Tim_X_/status/423897879241957376!/SpragueD/status/423903632447131648!/FlyingMeerkat/status/423918470213165056
RIP, Professor. We send our thoughts and prayers to Johnson’s loved ones.


‘Amazing, humble patriot’: Late ‘Gilligan’s Island’ star Russell Johnson was also a WWII hero

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Crowd roars for George and Laura Bush at NCAA final!/Miamicurt/status/453338746361245696
A glimpse of George and Laura Bush drove the crowd wild at tonight’s NCAA final.!/ESPNAndyKatz/status/453339318908514305!/PyleOfSwag/status/453339167284809728
This video shows just how enthusiastic the reaction was (language warning):!/court_34/status/453339734753165313!/sherislowey/status/453339647268368384
Most people thought it was pretty awesome, but there’s still no cure for Bush Derangement Syndrome.!/jadakickz88/status/453340375642406912!/richksu/status/453338137117212672


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The Barrier Can't Hold Them!!!

The Barrier Can't Hold Them!!!Read more:

Complainers complain about complaints by recipient of US Airways’ porn pic!/non_sequiturs/status/455993164793278464
Welcome to the Internet.

Earlier this week, @ElleRafter complained to U.S. Airways about a late arrival and poor customer service. The company’s response included a top contender for the most sexually graphic photo ever tweeted by a brand. U.S. Airways apologized for accidentally causing a run on eye bleach and ensuring that we’ll never look at a toy airplane the same way again.

As for @ElleRafter, apparently there’s no such thing as returning to Internet obscurity after an airline sends you hardcore plane porn.!/ElleRafter/status/456321456029200385
Before the not-safe-for-work photo thrust (sorry!) her into the spotlight, @ElleRafter’s tweet count hadn’t even reached 100 — since 2009 — and a number of those were tweets giving companies a piece of her mind.!/ElleRafter/status/78671863819153408!/ElleRafter/status/171800985239425024!/ElleRafter/status/419194908994322432
The complaints didn’t go unnoticed, and naturally, complainers complained.!/Xexyzx/status/455986727895957504
Because Internet. In many cases, the complaints were pretty vicious.!/GabrielleJoly/status/455912316878733312!/RockportMEStorm/status/455923145246248960!/JimKidwell1/status/456325275618254849!/kerri1207/status/456443318042234880!/NicoleKnuckles/status/456604107441057792!/Squirrely007/status/456946606102044672!/FPerillo81/status/456988373757227008
A handful of responses from @ElleRafter:!/ElleRafter/status/456130756155154432!/ElleRafter/status/456213820591992833!/ElleRafter/status/456341150048067586!/ElleRafter/status/456494856303411200!/ElleRafter/status/456663250080235520!/ElleRafter/status/456803487263645696
Any other unsolicited suggestions for @ElleRafter?!/bitchramblings/status/455822208301277186
From “not terribly interesting” …!/Marvelle/status/455809162010959872
… to “Bitching several times a year since 2009.”


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Bow chicka eww eww: ‘Today’ show co-host’s ‘porn stache’ horrifies [pics]!/ryan_a_jones/status/407510276112936960
What fresh hell is this?!/TODAYshow/status/407507864966529024
Oh no. No shave fail! Last week, viewers pointed out what the mustached Geist looked like:!/CAEMSeastrom/status/407523615601483776!/dicknjane812/status/407512908776886273!/NorseGod1974/status/407509930854199297!/LoriandJeff/status/407507756363821058
Too funny? Or too horrifying? You decide:!/WillieGeist/status/407549615467413504
Oh, Mr. Geist. Put the Twitter down and the Ron Jeremy references away. Please.

The image of Geist continues to strike horror in the hearts of men (and women).!/CalebHowe/status/409723939871404032
Will the nightmare end?!/christiana7876/status/407852395407101952!/LisaDeP/status/409724266222194688
Whew! What a relief.

Where did it go?!/CalebHowe/status/409736946382954496


Umm … ‘Today’ show’s Natalie Morales said what about Kim Kardashian’s ‘sperm grip’? 

Have mercy! John Stamos on ‘Today’ show; Al Roker posts fantasy TMI? [pics, Vine]

The trauma continues! Worst part of Al Roker, Matt Lauer on-air prostate exams? [pic]

‘When I think morning news, I think anal probe!’ WTH did Matt Lauer, Al Roker do? [pics, unfortunately]

‘He’s got cleavage’: Why, Matt Lauer, WHY? [freaky ‘NSFW’ Halloween pics]

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