Not just ‘appalled’: Candace Cameron Bure ‘sickened’ by ‘disgusting’ ISIS beheadings!/KalinaMcDaniel/status/506888517491101696
ISIS has reportedly beheaded American journalist Steven Sotloff.

After James Foley’s brutal beheading, the White House was “appalled.” The National Security Council feels the same way about Sotloff:

But actress Candace Cameron Bure is much more than appalled:

Unlike Jen Psaki, Bure is willing to put labels on ISIS’ barbarism. Maybe Obama will, too — if he ever gets around to it, that is.

Meanwhile, we continue to pray for Sotloff and his loved ones.


‘My God’: American journalist Steven Sotloff beheaded by ISIS?

Journalist Steven Sotloff reportedly beheaded by ISIS; Jedediah Bila demands action from useless Obama

Not an ‘act of war’? Jen Psaki doesn’t want to ‘put any labels’ on Sotloff beheading

‘That should do it’: Is this how Jen Psaki will handle Sotloff beheading? [Photoshop]

Twitchy coverage of Candace Cameron Bure

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‘Er, what?’ Ronan Farrow’s ‘team’ tries hand at comedy, gets the hook

Hey, did you know “Ronan Farrow Daily” has its own comedy troupe? Behold:

Crackerjack team you’ve got there, Shecky.

Our thoughts exactly.


Twitchy coverage of Ronan Farrow

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Graffiti Makes Me Sick…

Graffiti Makes Me Sick...Read more:

Sportscaster Sal Masekela dings Bob Costas as ‘uninformed, wildly pompous’

It seems we briefly got an inconvenient truth from sportscaster Sal Masekela — something about fellow sportscaster Bob Costas always saying something “both uninformed and wildly pompous.”

Now you see it, now you don’t.

What did Costas say this time?

Could it be this slam of new Olympic event slopestyle?!/_amyo/status/420689961449312256

Of course, “wildly pompous” could refer to just about anything coming out of Costas’ mouth.!/jclead33/status/420626135475445761Read more:

Dem congressman: Repubs ‘real wolves of Wall Street’; Wake-up calls ensue

With the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” up for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards, California Democrat Rep. Mark Takano had obviously been dying to make this point:

The hypocrisy of some Dems on the issue of Wall Street is amazing, as was pointed out:!/Neen59/status/440297549829013504
On that last point, the “Best Picture” nominee that most accurately represents Obamacare might be “American Hustle.”

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Dear Disney/Pixar: Don’t screw up ‘The Incredibles 2′

Disney/Pixar’s announcement of a long-awaited sequel to the animated mega-hit “The Incredibles” elicited squeals of joy from movie-goers on social media.!/wtfelias/status/446005220506484736

But with elation came trepidation, and a clear warning to Disney and Pixar from diehard fans: Don’t mess up. Period.

The good news: “The Incredibles” director Brad Bird is returning to write the sequel script.

We’ll wait with fingers crossed. ‘Til then, enjoy some favorite scenes from the original:

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First viral photobomb of 2014: Times Square tot gives Jenny McCarthy epic side eye

Amen, baby.

Getting an early start!!/b_dids/status/418252016943513601Read more:

David Brock accusing Free Beacon of ‘unethical practices’ causes ‘LOLOL’

Media Matters’ chairman and founder David Brock doesn’t like the Washington Free Beacon’s reporting about Hillary Clinton, and has alerted the media to question the WFB’s methods:

Is anybody else getting this feeling?

The only response many could muster was to point and laugh:


The Free Beacon remains undeterred:


Your move, Media Matters.


Free Beacon banned from Clinton Presidential Library for reporting on Hillary

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That’s ‘Raycist’! Note to Ronan Farrow, MSNBC: ‘Ray LaHood is NOT dead’ [pics]

MSNBC is on a roll!

During today’s edition of “Ronan Farrow Daily,” our favorite Cronkite Award winner reported that Ray Hutchison, husband of former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, passed away. Unfortunately, MSNBC’s graphics department apparently thinks that when you’ve seen one Ray, you’ve seen ‘em all:


Good question. LaHood, you see, is very much alive:

So, how does something like this happen? Here’s one possible scenario:

That actually sounds like something MSNBC’s clowns would do. Ineptitude is the name of the game over there.!/brianwperry/status/450688119227301889

Oh well. MSNBC can at least hope for a silver lining:

Farrow needs all the help he can get.


‘Oooof’: Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC show suffers truly ‘unfortunate case of bad chyroning’ [pic]

Twitchy coverage of Ronan Farrow

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Malaysia Airlines told of tweet they ‘should probably delete’; Advice taken

That kind of advice was apparently taken by Malaysia Airlines:!/Jerrrrryyyyyy/status/489803428881657856
After it was known that a 777 carrying 295 passengers and crew died after the plane was reportedly shot down over Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines wasn’t happy with the appearance of the adjoining tweet:!/mattcoltrona/status/489803306509017088Read more: